Think of the last time you went out for groceries, stayed at a hotel, rented a car, or downloaded an app.

Chances are you received some kind of customer satisfaction survey.

For-profit businesses understand that in order to retain customers and improve their offerings, they need to continuously collect and act on feedback. It’s why so many send surveys.

They know that even though not everyone answers surveys, the ones who do offer valuable feedback and present themselves as highly engaged.

Unfortunately, the nonprofit sector’s equivalent – donor surveys – are not as ubiquitous.

Research by Dr. Adrian Sargeant, who literally wrote the book on donor retention and loyalty, shows that surveys are effective in measuring a donor’s satisfaction, commitment, intimacy, and trust for the organizations they support.

That’s why we put together this eBook – Getting To Know You: A Guide to the Hidden Power of Donor Surveys. You can use it to learn why you should send surveys, which donors you should send surveys to, what questions to ask, and what to do with the information you receive from surveys.

Whether you’re just now discovering the power of donor surveys, or you’re looking to up your game, this eBook is for you!

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Jessica Hartnagle

Jessica Hartnagle

VP of Product Management at Bloomerang
Jessica Hartnagle is the VP of Product Management at Bloomerang. She has over 15 years of experience consulting and implementing nonprofit donor CRM systems.