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Discovering Seat Warmers: Why Nonprofit Software Training Is Important

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Driving is easy.

You turn the key in the ignition to start the car. You put it gear to move forward or backward. There is a pedal to go and a pedal to stop and there is a big wheel to turn it.

That’s it!

But if you have never driven before, learning to drive can be a very daunting task. You would never just hand the keys to someone who has never driven and say, “Here! It’s easy! You’ll figure it out.”

There needs to be some type of instruction to teach someone how to properly drive a car.

I’ve been driving for over 40 years. My favorite car was a VW Beetle that I had several years ago. When I got it, I was easily able to start it and drive it off of the lot. I’m experienced and driving is easy, right? I didn’t need any instruction. I was all set!

So one winter, I was driving with my 12 year old great-nephew in the Beetle. It was really cold outside so I kept asking him if he was warm enough. His answer was always “Yes! My seat is really warm!”

I thought it was an odd response, so finally, I asked “What do you mean your seat is really warm?” He said, “I turned on the seat warmer.”

So here I am, this experienced driver of 40 years who knows all about operating a car, and I didn’t realize my beloved Beetle had seat warmers!

No one had showed me this when I bought it and I just never bothered to take time to learn about all of the features of my new Beetle. I know I had driven through at least one winter not knowing my seat could have been really warm too! I sure loved my Beetle, but I loved it even more knowing I had seat warmers!

Most donor management software is relatively easy too.

You can add constituents, enter donations, generate letters and run reports.

But regardless of what nonprofit software you have, if you’ve never used it before, investing in time for training will help you get started on the right foot and introduce you to features you may not have realized were even there.

Here at Bloomerang, you can definitely grab the keys and just go. But wouldn’t you rather know you are using your database to it’s fullest capacity?

We want you to get the most out of your database investment, so we offer Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level of classes within our Bloomerang Academy that are available for free!

If you are brand new to the software or even if you have been using it for awhile, training is time well spent! Besides, you just might discover something like a seat warmer that makes you love it even more!

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  • Kia Farhang

    Hi Dorothy - Good post, this is very true. I work at a marketing agency and we recently launched a productivity/client management app. We've found the users who go through a short demo with us like the app and stick with it far longer than those who just sign up. It goes both ways like the Beetle, too. Oftentimes the users in those demos ask questions about features we had never even thought of implementing. Anyway, I just found the blog and I'm definitely subscribing. Thanks for writing!
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