Nonprofit Software: Solutions To Know (And 18 Top Providers)

Nonprofit organizations require a number of software solutions to raise funds, host events (both in-person and virtual), and keep operations running smoothly. Each software solution you invest in has a slightly different purpose at your organization and accomplish a different aspect of your nonprofit strategic plan.  Identifying the primary software [...]

26 Questions Every Nonprofit Should Ask Their Crowdfunding Provider

Crowdfunding is a bold, new and sometimes surprising, if not dangerous, world when it comes to donor relations, fees, receiving funds and other aspects of the process. Few fundraisers who have embraced it knew exactly what they were getting into when utilizing a crowdfunding provider. The 26 questions listed below [...]

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Donor Database Software: 3 Insightful Metrics it Measures

Your nonprofit's donor database isn't just there to compile mountains of donor data. In fact, your team should be using your donor database to track metrics important to your organization's fundraising, engagement, and sustainability strategies. All too often, nonprofits see their donor database as a glorified phone book. Yet, robust [...]

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