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4 Strategies to Tweak Major Donor Approaches to Raise More Money

A recent report unearthed key areas where small changes by major gift officers to tweak major donor approaches could reap large benefits for their nonprofits. “Transforming Partnerships with Major Donors,” by the Leadership Story Lab, which works with companies and organizations on messaging, delved into what motivates the wealthy to [...]

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The Essential Guide to Writing a Fundraising Plan

Did you know that organizations with a written fundraising plan consistently outperform organizations without one? It’s shocking how many organizations aren't writing a fundraising plan. This phenomenon was recently documented in a study by Adrian Sargent from the Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy.  In their study 37% of organizations under a [...]

By |2021-02-03T14:43:49-05:00February 5th, 2021|Fundraising, Strategic Planning|

Why Real-Time Nonprofit Performance Management is Best

The nonprofit executive director's time and energy are precious commodities, particularly in small organizations where a single individual is often the director of HR, IT, finance, and, well...everything. It's easy to see how performance evaluations (not to speak of nonprofit performance management) can feel like another large spoonful on an [...]

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[ASK AN EXPERT] What’s a Grant Writer’s Role in Setting Strategic Program Priorities?

Our Ask An Expert series features real questions answered by Claire Axelrad, J.D., CFRE, our very own Fundraising Coach, also known as Charity Clairity. Today's question comes from a grant writer who isn't sure whether they should share their input on the types of programs that could further their mission [...]

By |2021-01-25T14:17:15-05:00January 2nd, 2021|Ask An Expert, Grants, Strategic Planning|

Giving Tuesday: What if it was called Living Schmoozeday?

So… how was your Giving Tuesday? If you follow my writing, you know I’m generally not a fan of the made-up holiday. I find too many nonprofits feel overwhelming pressure to mount a half-hearted Giving Tuesday campaign that simply distracts from their year-end fundraising push. It’s nobody’s fault. There’s just [...]

What Could Cause The Biggest Impact On Funding Your Mission In 2021?

2021 is about to begin, is your fundraising team ready? Will your nonprofit’s mission funding needs grow smaller or will the need be greater? Most organizations will fall in the latter grouping with the mission fulfillment needs rising faster than funding could ever achieve. 2021 is unique for so many [...]

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