Best and Worst Nonprofit Coronavirus Crisis Communication Strategies

Now is the time to be strategic and proactive. It’s one thing to be reactive at the beginning of a crisis. It’s the normal human response. But this is no longer the beginning. And ‘busy’ is often not the most effective modus operandi. It’s like checking your email endlessly throughout [...]

Quickly Revise Your Nonprofit’s Strategic Plan With These 3 Steps

Your nonprofit organization's strategic plan provides the direction in which you are heading and how to get there. A good nonprofit strategic planning process identifies strategies that will best enable a nonprofit to advance its mission. Many nonprofits start the process by identifying the nonprofit's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, in what is commonly called a SWOT analysis. [...]

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Coping in a Pandemic: Essential Nonprofit Philanthropic Strategies

How will you and your nonprofit make it through these difficult times? Two words:  EMPATHY. INNOVATION. These are the two qualities most needed in today’s topsy-turvy world. I’d like you to think of them as your newly essential communication and fundraising strategies. Apply them to everything you do for the [...]

Not Your Mother’s Nonprofit Case Statement

When you work in the fundraising space, sometimes it seems as though you refurbish the same materials. Grants language? Check the latest proposal, or if you are very organized, a master proposal that contains updated language. Impact? Check the annual report. Heartwarming stories? Check your annual appeal letter. While writing [...]

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Creating a Strategic Engagement Plan For Your Donors

Just in case fundraising doesn’t have enough variables to manage, there are myriad of external factors, from changes in the economic or political landscapes to viral trends, which may impact your organization’s actual fundraising results. Even with a robust donor-centric organization, a dynamic, enthusiastic team and a solid, vigorous strategy, [...]

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