Nonprofit Software: Solutions To Know (And 18 Top Providers)

Nonprofit organizations require a number of software solutions to raise funds, host events (both in-person and virtual), and keep operations running smoothly. Each software solution you invest in has a slightly different purpose at your organization and accomplish a different aspect of your nonprofit strategic plan.  Identifying the primary software [...]

Don’t Let Nonprofit Software Vendors Hide Behind PCI Compliance

There’s been some excellent talk recently in the nonprofit community about how difficult it can be for some nonprofits to gain access to credit card information. Many companies use the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) as a barrier to allowing organizations to make changes to how collected credit [...]

Should You Invest in a Donor Database or a Fundraising Consultant?

Hey hey hey Bloomerang readers! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Mazarine Treyz. My business is Wild Woman Fundraising, and I’m a nonprofit consultant in leadership and fundraising. For the last four years I’ve run two online conferences that Bloomerang has sponsored, The Fundraising Career [...]

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Salesforce for Nonprofits: Savior or Sinker?

So what does it take to be successful with Salesforce as a nonprofit? Having worked with hundreds of nonprofits looking to make a meaningful change in their fundraising tools, Salesforce often comes up as a possible option. As a purveyor of donor management tools ourselves, you would expect that we [...]

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12 Things More Important Than Features When Purchasing a Donor Database

The last three decades of providing the best in nonprofit donor database systems has enabled detailed insights into just about every system selection process possible. Those selection processes have included two inch thick requests for proposals to spreadsheets with hundreds of columns/rows to massive demonstration scripts resulting in day long [...]

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