5+ Reasons Why Targeting Black Donors Helps Black Communities (And Your Nonprofit!)

Black Gives Back.  According to a study by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, black people give 25% more of their income than their white counterparts. We are, hands down, the largest group of givers in our country… and yet, we don’t see recognition in the media. Rather than realizing how generous [...]

How to Let Donors Know New CARES Act Offers Deduction Opportunities

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act signed on March 27, 2020 includes a number of provisions designed to rescue an economy being decimated by a pandemic the likes of which the world has seldom, if ever, seen.  With plenty of news coverage of this legislation, little light has [...]

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Coping in a Pandemic: Essential Nonprofit Philanthropic Strategies

How will you and your nonprofit make it through these difficult times? Two words:  EMPATHY. INNOVATION. These are the two qualities most needed in today’s topsy-turvy world. I’d like you to think of them as your newly essential communication and fundraising strategies. Apply them to everything you do for the [...]

Raising Funds in Tough Times

This article was originally published during the 2008 financial crisis. It has been republished here with permission from the Panas estate. It's a puzzling phenomenon. It may seem counterintuitive, but in tough financial times people actually give more. But they give to organizations they care greatly about. Those organizations that [...]

Why You Need Culture of Philanthropy as a Management System

I once had a boss who insisted employee morale didn’t matter. She even sent me articles from Harvard Business Review purporting to prove this (if you read them closely, they didn’t).  Her insistence on this was directly related to her management style.  Top down.  Holding information close to the vest.  [...]

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