Why Sock Fundraisers Simply Work

According to a recent study by Zion Market Research, the global socks market will reach $24.16 billion by 2025. Accounting for the fact that socks aren’t exactly an expensive commodity, that number is enormous. It’s also unsurprising. Everyone needs socks. And not just because they look cool. According to Parkview [...]

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Corporate Social Responsibility and You – How A Corporate Partnership Can Help Your Nonprofit Thrive

Looking to change the world, and get your message out to more people than ever before? Consider partnering your nonprofit with a corporate sponsor - here’s why. The fact that you’re running a nonprofit organization, whatever your end goals, is awesome. You’re trying to change the world, and that’s incredible. [...]

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Aplos and Bloomerang Announce Partnership and Integration

We’re proud to announce that Bloomerang has formed a strategic partnership with Aplos, a leading online fund accounting software company, to bring a fully integrated solution to the nonprofit sector. This unified solution is designed to bring true fund accounting and a donor database based upon proven best practices together to [...]

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The Immense Power of Partnerships in the Nonprofit World

The word “partnership” has many meanings to all of us both inside and outside the nonprofit sector. We all know there is the formal legal definition which spells out formal responsibilities and such. Let’s leave that particular one aside and focus on a couple others, which can make a difference for [...]

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Can You Spell the Word “Partner?”

Many of you who know me, especially friends, associates and yes, partners in the non-profit world, have heard my catch phrase regarding companies who do not handle partnerships well. I often say “They do not even know how to spell the word partner”. […]

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