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How Nonprofits Juggle Too Many Balls

Times are tough. Full stop.  There’s something about nonprofits and crisis, right? But right now it’s more, more, more. It’s exhausting. So… what to do? I happened to listen to a ‘Tough Times, Tougher Nonprofits’ webinar with nonprofit leadership guru Joan Garry last week, and was inspired to write this [...]

Nonprofit Strategic Planning in a New Era

2020 has been a year for the ages. Not only are we dealing with a global pandemic, but also civil unrest, a shrinking economy, partisan politics, and environmental disasters, leading to uncertainty about 2021. Not only does this create unease in our personal lives, but also professionally, and across all [...]

3 Tips For Moving From All-Volunteer to Your First Paid Staff at a Nonprofit

“We’re 100% volunteer-run!” That may not be the good news you think it is.  It’s not that volunteers aren’t valuable. They absolutely are! It’s just that eventually most roles outgrow the duties and reasonable time commitment of a volunteer position. That caps your growth.  But how do you get from [...]

Fuel Your Nonprofit’s Annual Contributions Income Engine

In Part 1 of this four-part series I introduced a ‘4-Step Strategy to Cure Your Current Fundraising Headache.’ FORWARD FACE Equilibrium: Balance your fundraising strategies FUEL the Machine: Charge your annual contributions income engine FUMES Provide Accelerant: Prepare for ‘retirement’ FUTURE Proof the Mission: Leave a legacy for generations to [...]

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Here Be Dragons – How Nonprofits Can Deal With Risk & Uncertainty

It’s hard to imagine a time before GPS and Google Maps, even back before the days of those AAA maps for long car rides. But before automobiles and trains or Trans-Atlantic flight, cartography was as much a mystery as it was science. In 150, Ptolemy’s Geographia warned of mythical characters [...]

Due to Current Events Your Nonprofit Has a Back Burner Problem

Time to get your bearings so you don’t lose your way amidst the chaos with your current fundraising strategies. Things are getting tougher. Partly because this doesn’t feel new anymore. The early urge to jump in with both feet to do something – a virtual event, a crisis appeal, a [...]

7 Mission-Driven Practices For Nonprofits to Prevail During the Pandemic

Amidst the country’s ongoing shelter-at-home restrictions, the economy remains in flux, and everything seems very unsure and unstable. It’s hard to watch the evening news without feeling your stomach tighten. You may be feeling like life has gone from a sprint, to a marathon, to a double marathon. And you’re [...]

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