4 Metrics To Help Evaluate Your Nonprofit’s Fiscal Year

Are you successful? How can you tell? Isn’t it great, to look back on a recently completed fiscal year, and say, “yes, we did it!  We were successful!” But  many fundraisers can’t ever experience that little bit of euphoria. Nor can their chief executives or their governing boards.  It’s not [...]

[FREE EBOOK] The Nonprofit Sustainability Field Manual

Why sustainability? The modern consumer is savvy and shrewd, and today’s donor is no different. Whether they’re an individual, a foundation or a corporation, donors never have been more judicious about who they give their hard-earned dollars to. Unfortunately, many nonprofits lack similar information demanded of those who might consider [...]

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One Simple Exercise Led To The Best Nonprofit Board Meeting Ever

After attending nonprofit board meetings for the last 30 years with organizations ranging from brand new 501c3’s to larger established ones, it surprises me to say that the best board meeting I ever attended was my first board meeting ever. It was a cold Saturday in January. The organization was [...]

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3 Important Reasons To Review Your Nonprofit’s Bylaws

A dear friend by the name of Kent Stroman recently authored and published what I consider a must-read book for every nonprofit CEO and Board Member: “The Intentional Board - Why Your Board Doesn’t Work and How to Fix It.” Kent covers so much extraordinary ground regarding board governance. However, [...]

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Why You Should Consider Multiple-Year Pledges for your Annual Gift Asks

Multiple-year pledges have traditionally been used as a payment tool for large gifts for unrestricted use, capital needs, or endowment, allowing donors the flexibility to spread their gift over multiple tax years, for example. But multiple-year pledges for an annual gift have traditionally been regarded as a bad idea, either [...]

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