Why Retaining Your Nonprofit Staff Is Just As Important As Retaining Your Donors

Hi Bloomerang readers! Guest blogger Mazarine Treyz of Wild Woman Fundraising here. I’m a nonprofit consultant in leadership and fundraising. For the last four years I’ve run two online conferences that Bloomerang has sponsored, The Fundraising Career Conference and the Nonprofit Leadership Summit. This means I’m a nonprofit worker advocate [...]

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5 Steps to Communicate Effectively with Donors When Scandal Hits

Every so often, a scandal puts a nonprofit all over social media, newspaper headlines, and the evening news. For those of us working within those organizations, it can be a heart-wrenching time. Whether you are actively involved in communications, development, or administrative roles, a scandal can make the core foundation [...]

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3 Metrics to Help Measure Fundraising Effectiveness

For many nonprofit organizations, it can be difficult to measure fundraising effectiveness when it comes to strategy. Especially since there is an old-school and misguided belief by many people that fundraising expenses are bad. On the surface, this belief sounds good. Shouldn’t all money in an organization go towards program [...]

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4 Metrics To Help Evaluate Your Nonprofit’s Fiscal Year

Are you successful? How can you tell? Isn’t it great, to look back on a recently completed fiscal year, and say, “yes, we did it!  We were successful!” But  many fundraisers can’t ever experience that little bit of euphoria. Nor can their chief executives or their governing boards.  It’s not [...]

[FREE EBOOK] The Nonprofit Sustainability Field Manual

Why sustainability? The modern consumer is savvy and shrewd, and today’s donor is no different. Whether they’re an individual, a foundation or a corporation, donors never have been more judicious about who they give their hard-earned dollars to. Unfortunately, many nonprofits lack similar information demanded of those who might consider [...]

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