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When Looking to Diversify Your Development Office, Widen Your Lens

Have you noticed that when talking about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in fundraising, the conversation frequently mentions the lack of suitable candidates of color? I’ve heard that to be a major gift officer you have to have access to people with money, be comfortable socializing with them, and speak [...]

Fundraisers: Don’t Look In Other People’s Wallets

Higher salary. Nicer car. An assistant. Perks.  Nonprofit C-level executives are compensated better than their coworkers. There is a definitely a wide wage gap between senior managers and fundraisers, program managers and those in the field. But does that automatically mean senior managers should be expected to donate at a [...]

Are You Prepared? Responding to Assault Allegations At Your Nonprofit

Is your organization prepared to respond if a prominent staff member or volunteer is accused of assaulting someone in your community? Four nonprofits found themselves in that position this week. Their responses can help other organizations contemplate responding to assault allegations – and how to better prevent them in the [...]

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Nonprofits, Say Yes To Employee Giving Programs

Never deprive someone the chance to become a philanthropist There are plenty of reasons to oppose employee giving: Pressure to give. Power dynamic. Staff already give through hours of unpaid overtime. Employees are underpaid. Disproportionately affects the lowest paid employees. In last week’s post, I looked at five reasons why [...]

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Global Community Engagement Day: 4 Reasons to Join a Nonprofit Board

They say, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” Hopefully your relationship with our board isn’t adversarial, but if we’re being honest it’s not uncommon to have challenges! There’s a power differential between staff and the board, especially for staff further removed from the board. But when you join a [...]

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Real-Life Examples of Finding Faith in Social Service to the Community

When you hear the phrase “faith-based fundraising,” you might immediately think of churches, congregations, and similar organizations. However, many social service nonprofits operate from a mission filled with faith, often representing collaboration among a variety of supporters, regardless of their particular religious affiliation. We spoke with several colleagues in these [...]

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New Year’s Resolutions for the Charitable Sector – A Call to Action

I’m not normally a fan of New Year’s resolutions. They unnecessarily pressure people and create unrealistic goals. For the last 40 years I have avoided setting New Year’s resolutions for myself but after the dumpster-fire that was 2020 I’m compelled to make a resolution – to become a bigger and [...]

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