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Capturing the Attention of Your Nonprofit’s Audience Online

Now that you have set some priorities in your strategic planning and are building your sustainability, let’s focus on capturing the attention of your nonprofit's audience online. We all know that there is a lot of information shared through digital content, but it is important to understand how best to [...]

How to Create Quality Nonprofit Content: Get Your Audience to Consistently Open, Click, and Engage!

As a non-profit professional, you know how important it is to have continual contact with your constituents. But you’re struggling to know what to say. How do you create quality nonprofit content to connect with your audience and keep them engaged?  Quality nonprofit content can often be broken into three [...]

How Can Nonprofits Move from Exploitative Storytelling to Justice-Oriented Storytelling?

One day while searching through a greeting card section at a local store, I glimpsed at a card that read, “Be the author of your own story.” At that moment, I had recently been asked to tell my own story, once again, to a nonprofit organization looking to share my [...]

Diversifying Your Communication: How Nonprofits Can Connect With Spanish-Speaking Communities

Did you know that Spanish is the fourth most spoken language worldwide? With more than 530 million speakers, Spanish is quickly becoming a lingua franca across Latin America and the world. In the United States, 13% of the population speaks Spanish natively, and millions more are learning it every day. [...]

How Nonprofits are Doing Email Marketing Right During a Crisis

Over the last month of shelter in place, I’ve been observing the emails coming through my inbox. Though there have been some that were tone deaf or inappropriate for the current environment, there have been many that were well-crafted and memorable. The ones that have stuck with me were short, [...]

3 Reasons Why Nonprofits Shouldn’t Have 1920s/Gatsby-Themed Fundraising Galas

Now that we've entered a new decade (by that I mean it's now the 2020s; I know there wasn't a year zero or whatever), an ever-popular theme for fundraising events has renewed life: the 1920s or Great Gatsby-themed gala. Not since 2013 when the Leonardo DiCaprio-led movie adaptation was released [...]

Powerful Nonprofit Writing Tools For You — Even If You’re Not a Writer

With the demand for content today, everyone is a writer. You can craft a whole sentence using emoticons 😎 and acronyms IMHO (in my humble opinion). But unambiguous writing requires a strong command of language. Good news: nonprofit writing tools can help you, whether you're a best-selling author or just [...]

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Some of the Best Nonprofit Content Marketing Options

In Not Using Content Marketing Wisely? Your Nonprofit’s Leaving Money on the Table I defined ‘content marketing’ so you could better understand the centrality of this concept to the success of your overall fundraising and marketing communications strategy. We talked about how to create a nonprofit content marketing plan, and [...]

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