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How To Fix Dismal Nonprofit Board Engagement With Financial Reports

7% nonprofit board engagement is not enough! Do your nonprofit’s financial reports speak to the full board? Can everyone in management engage with them and understand key information? If your financial reports don’t go beyond numbers on a page, then they exclude almost all your leaders.   Fortunately, you can start [...]

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Building a Nonprofit Board: A Beginners Guide on Who To Look For, How To Find Them, and How To Ensure Success

A good nonprofit board is priceless and can serve many purposes. Board members can be the community “face” of an organization, provide quality connections, help steer strategy and planning, and offer invaluable support and insight. Building a nonprofit board should not be overlooked, but who should you be looking for [...]

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[VIDEO] Nonprofit Boards Members and Their Asking Styles – a Roadmap to Success

In this webinar, Brian Saber will explain how to use his iconic Asking Styles to improve your board’s governance and ability to fundraise. Learn the personality of your board and how it is impacting board meetings (especially today’s virtual ones), leadership, strategic planning and fundraising. Understanding your board members’ Styles [...]

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Global Community Engagement Day: 4 Reasons to Join a Nonprofit Board

They say, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” Hopefully your relationship with our board isn’t adversarial, but if we’re being honest it’s not uncommon to have challenges! There’s a power differential between staff and the board, especially for staff further removed from the board. But when you join a [...]

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Reimagining the Nonprofit Board in the Throes of a Pandemic

A vivid imagination allows us to envision or mentally rehearse future possibilities. As nonprofits nationwide consider how they can return from the torment inflicted by the coronavirus, reimagining the nonprofit board and governance provides an opportunity to refresh, recover, rebuild, and rethink. We all realize the importance of organizational governance, [...]

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