How to Let Unproductive Board Members Go

I travel across the country doing custom trainings, board retreats and speaking at conferences. When I ask how happy nonprofit staff are with their boards the room gets quiet. People usually complain that board members aren’t fundraising or actively engaged. Most often their low participation often gets traced back to [...]

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5 Ways to Build Your Board into a Championship Fundraising Team

“A good Board is a victory, not a gift.” - Cyril Houle, Governing Boards      Good boards, like victories, rarely come together by chance. Rather, they are the product of shared commitment to the mission (and to each other), thoughtful planning, and critical processes. Among their many responsibilities, board members [...]

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TOP Strategy You Need to Know about Nonprofit Board Fundraising

Get 100% of board members to give at a passionate level. This should be your pre-eminent goal as you enter into year-end fundraising season –the time of year when most folks feel peak generosity. However, just feeling in a giving mood won’t necessarily translate to philanthropy. Most significantly, it won’t [...]

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