One Simple Exercise Led To The Best Nonprofit Board Meeting Ever

After attending nonprofit board meetings for the last 30 years with organizations ranging from brand new 501c3’s to larger established ones, it surprises me to say that the best board meeting I ever attended was my first board meeting ever. It was a cold Saturday in January. The organization was [...]

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[VIDEO] Is Your Nonprofit Board “Wired?”

In this video, Amy Eisenstein sits down with John Dawe - a specialist in technology integration, project management, fundraising, communications, marketing, and strategic planning at Dawe Consulting - to discuss the importance of having a "wired" board. We’re proud to sponsor Amy Eisenstein’s video series! Be sure to check back [...]

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3 Important Reasons To Review Your Nonprofit’s Bylaws

A dear friend by the name of Kent Stroman recently authored and published what I consider a must-read book for every nonprofit CEO and Board Member: “The Intentional Board - Why Your Board Doesn’t Work and How to Fix It.” Kent covers so much extraordinary ground regarding board governance. However, [...]

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