Legacy Gifts

How Do Charitable Gifts of Retirement Account Assets Typically Work?

When discussing legacy gifts, most assume the conversation is around bequests. Time and time again, surveys have shown that gifts given via a will are the most common planned gift vehicle.  While nonprofits should absolutely be prepared to accept bequests from donors, professionals in these organizations should also be aware [...]

Giving Tuesday: What if it was called Living Schmoozeday?

So… how was your Giving Tuesday? If you follow my writing, you know I’m generally not a fan of the made-up holiday. I find too many nonprofits feel overwhelming pressure to mount a half-hearted Giving Tuesday campaign that simply distracts from their year-end fundraising push. It’s nobody’s fault. There’s just [...]

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Obstacles Ahead: Dealing with Objections to Planned Giving

Gift planning, planned giving, legacy gifts … no matter what terms your organization uses to define gifts received as part of an estate settlement, there’s often objections to planned giving and trepidation surrounding these. This may lead fundraisers to shy away from discussing the opportunity with donors.  However, this decision [...]

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Five Key Takeaways From The 2019 Donor Advised Funds Report

In the fourth quarter of each year the National Philanthropic Trust releases their annual Donor Advised Funds Report.    This is significant for every nonprofit engaged in fundraising to take notice because donor advised funds or DAFs for short, are truly changing the landscape of major gift fundraising and therefore [...]

The Two Best Methods To Avoid A Downfall In Your Nonprofit’s Annual Fundraising

One of my favorite volunteer activities in the nonprofit sector is serving on the Fundraising Effectiveness Project’s Growth in Giving Steering Committee.  The face-to-face meetings and conference calls are always insightful and thought provoking. This is especially true when those insights are cutting edge and timely in nature. This week’s [...]

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