TOP Strategy You Need to Know about Nonprofit Board Fundraising

Get 100% of board members to give at a passionate level. This should be your pre-eminent goal as you enter into year-end fundraising season –the time of year when most folks feel peak generosity. However, just feeling in a giving mood won’t necessarily translate to philanthropy. Most significantly, it won’t [...]

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3 Ways Merchandise Fundraising Attracts and Engages Donors

Custom merchandise is a no-brainer for most nonprofits for one primary reason. Merchandise provides a significant revenue boost for organizations that understand their audience and how to provide the products that will excite them. With the growth of online merchandising platforms over the past several years, it’s easier than ever [...]

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3 Metrics to Help Measure Fundraising Effectiveness

For many nonprofit organizations, it can be difficult to measure fundraising effectiveness when it comes to strategy. Especially since there is an old-school and misguided belief by many people that fundraising expenses are bad. On the surface, this belief sounds good. Shouldn’t all money in an organization go towards program [...]

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Annual Fundraising Appeal FAQ

I receive a lot of questions about annual fundraising appeal best practices. You’ll find a lot of tips in this free, downloadable “Annual Appeal Checklist.” But today let’s look at some of the thornier questions I receive. Q. What if your mailing list isn't really that great? A. There’s no [...]

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The Two Best Methods To Avoid A Downfall In Your Nonprofit’s Annual Fundraising

One of my favorite volunteer activities in the nonprofit sector is serving on the Fundraising Effectiveness Project’s Growth in Giving Steering Committee.  The face-to-face meetings and conference calls are always insightful and thought provoking. This is especially true when those insights are cutting edge and timely in nature. This week’s [...]

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Annual Fundraising: Influence “Yes” Using Psychology and Neuroscience

In 1984 Robert Cialdini wrote a groundbreaking book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, outlining principles of influence that affect human behaviors. Today these principles have been well documented. Trail-blazing research added by behavioral scientists like Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky supports and expands on Cialdini’s principles. No matter how much technology advances, the triggers [...]

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