Nonprofits: Email Open Rates May Be Higher Than You Think

And that could be a problem. Email metrics like open rates and click-through rates can be invaluable to nonprofit communicators. They allow you to deliver multiple emails until reaching the intended recipient, and hone your content in order to maximize conversions. But you should know that open rates are never [...]

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How Nonprofits Can Avoid the Spam Folder

Spam filters are the bane of many email marketers across all industry types. Even the most well-intentioned, authentic and law-abiding emails can still find their way into a recipients spam folder, with or without their knowledge or intent. […]

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The Top Email KPIs for Nonprofit Communicators

How often do you think about what happens after you hit the send button on an email campaign? Fundraisers and nonprofit communicators who take a data-driven approach to email marketing typically experience higher success rates on their newsletters, appeals and acknowledgements than those who “send it and forget it.” [...]

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