Boost Donor Response | 6 Technology and Communication Tips

Digital communications are essential for robust fundraising strategies today. Everything from your emails to your social media posts, blogs to live video streams, how you communicate with your donors and the community at large is becoming increasingly just as important as your message itself. Email is generally the most important [...]

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How to Create a Successful Fundraising Email

Many nonprofits spend oodles of time developing their direct mail campaign. From theme… to text… to visuals… to design… to who the letter will come from… to envelope teaser copy… to type of stamp… to when the campaign will drop… to how many times you’ll mail… to how you’ll segment [...]

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Fundraisers: Don’t Be Afraid of Mass Email

Let’s start this conversation by agreeing that mass email should not replace phone calls, mail, or even individual emails. Agreed? Okay! Mass email at its best should enhance your overall communication strategy and engage more constituents in a way that makes those other communication channels more effective. It also allows [...]

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