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3 Tips to Hook Your Nonprofit Audience’s Attention from the Beginning

How-To Write a Stellar Opening Statement That Will Draw Your Nonprofit Audience's Attention in Immediately  What is the difference between content that captures your nonprofit audience's attention and draws them in and content that people just scroll past or send to “spam?” It’s all about the hook. A hook is [...]

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Putting the Thank You Before the Next Please: How-To Spotlight Nonprofit Supporters in a Meaningful Way

As non-profit professionals, we know that dedicated supporters and volunteers are the lifeblood to our charitable organizations. It's so important not to let their role be taken for granted, and let's be honest, it's not unknown for the those of us within a busy nonprofit to innocently overlook the everyday [...]

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Capturing the Attention of Your Nonprofit’s Audience Online

Now that you have set some priorities in your strategic planning and are building your sustainability, let’s focus on capturing the attention of your nonprofit's audience online. We all know that there is a lot of information shared through digital content, but it is important to understand how best to [...]

How to Create Quality Nonprofit Content: Get Your Audience to Consistently Open, Click, and Engage!

As a non-profit professional, you know how important it is to have continual contact with your constituents. But you’re struggling to know what to say. How do you create quality nonprofit content to connect with your audience and keep them engaged?  Quality nonprofit content can often be broken into three [...]

How to Avoid Being a “Spammer” or Being Forgotten: How Often Should Your Nonprofit Keep In Touch?

Communication is crucial for nonprofit success. Learning how to attract, appeal and engage supporters is the life-blood of an organization. In a virtual world, a major amount of relationship-building is now done online.  This has nonprofits asking the questions: How often should I be contacting my constituents?  How can I [...]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Conducting Great Nonprofit Storytelling Interviews: 6 Tips for Success

Narrowing the emotional distance between your nonprofit and your donor audience can be done very effectively through storytelling. But to tell a good story, you have to get a good story. You have to set up storytelling interviews. This is most commonly done through undertaking interviewers with a supporter, staff [...]

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The Face Behind the Logo – Building Nonprofit Relationships Through Social Media

Blocking Is For Football, Not Twitter In mid-May, sports Twitter was abuzz as insiders were comparing notes about a ‘very important’ topic: Who’s been blocked by Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger? His official Twitter account had been blocking everyone for quite awhile and no one could figure out why. What [...]

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Fundraising Mid-Pandemic: Your Honor and Responsibility

Whither goest now? When coronavirus response fundraising began several months ago, you probably didn’t envision you’d still be working from a home office. Or that your ‘business as usual’ still wouldn’t be. Or that you still wouldn’t have the ability to plan for a date certain when everything would go [...]

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