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Why You Should Still Include Direct Mail in Your Donor Engagement Strategy and How to Make Your Efforts More Personal

When building relationships with supporters and donors and building out your donor engagement strategy, it’s important to make donors feel valued. While you should continue to send online appeals and meet them where they’re at online, you might want to consider reaching out to them in a more traditional way: [...]

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Donation Receipts: Understanding the Obligation and the Opportunity

You know you have to keep accurate records for your nonprofit’s health and transparency and to be in good standing with state and local laws. Some of the tasks associated with maintaining records—like sending donation receipts—can seem tedious and unnecessary. Even so, you can’t opt out of sending them: The [...]

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Turning the Summer Fundraising Slump into a Windfall for Your Nonprofit

For many of us, summer fundraising can be frustrating because often our donor communications during this season yield less-than-ideal results.  If that sounds like your nonprofit’s typical summer, here are some things you can do to offset that summer slump with an unexpected windfall: 1. Determine if a summer fundraising [...]

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Beyond “Donor-Centric:” The Risks of Overemphasis on External Partners

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ve inevitably encountered the phrase “donor-centric” in the context of nonprofit fundraising. Apart from being one of the most ironic terms in the business—shouldn’t every organization that relies on funding from donors be focused on...donors?—its meaning has gone [...]

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20 Solid Interview Questions to Help Your Nonprofit Cultivate Connection

Framing the Extraordinary Within the Ordinary to Cultivate Connection and Build Engaged Case Studies As non-profit professionals, we know how important storytelling and personal case studies are to cultivate connection to our audience with our mission and raising money. Stories help create relationships. Stories help facilitate familiarity.  Storytelling is something [...]

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