COVID-19 / Coronavirus

We have compiled a library of crisis fundraising advice, articles, opinions, webinars, videos and resources in the wake of the new coronavirus and its impact on the nonprofit sector.

Nonprofit Strategic Planning in a New Era

2020 has been a year for the ages. Not only are we dealing with a global pandemic, but also civil unrest, a shrinking economy, partisan politics, and environmental disasters, leading to uncertainty about 2021. Not only does this create unease in our personal lives, but also professionally, and across all [...]

[ASK AN EXPERT] Can the USPS Be Trusted for Year-End Fundraising Mail?

Our Ask An Expert series features real questions answered by Claire Axelrad, J.D., CFRE, our very own Fundraising Coach, also known as Charity Clairity. Today's question comes from a fundraiser who is worried about sending mail through the USPS right now. Dear Charity Clairity, I’m curious what others are doing [...]

[VIDEO] Nonprofit Organizational Planning In Times Of Uncertainty

Renee Rubin Ross will explore considerations for organizational planning and models that have helped nonprofits to build plans that support their work through recent shifts. Full Transcript: Renee: All right. Steven: Okay, Renee, I got 1:00 Eastern. Okay if I go ahead and get this party started? Renee: Yes, please. [...]

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7 Tips for Successful Fundraising During the COVID-19 Recovery Period

The question came again yesterday – a non-profit leader asked, “How can we possibly fundraise in this semi-pandemic environment?” My steadfast answer is a question in return, “How can you possibly consider not fundraising right now?”  To be more direct, your organization must fundraise, especially now. Even more than that, [...]

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Don’t Stop Fundraising! New Research Shows High-Dollar Donors Remain Confident

High-dollar donors are likely to give as much or more now than before the pandemic, according to a new donor confidence study sponsored by We believe this means you should continue your fundraising efforts even though the landscape seems to have changed and even though you may be scared. In the July [...]

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9 Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Virtual Conference

Professional conferences are different in 2020. For those of us used to attending in-person events, a virtual conference can feel like a poor substitute. However, virtual conferences existed before the current pandemic, and will be ever more popular even when we emerge on the other side. I do miss some [...]

[VIDEO] Mapping Your Capital Campaign During the COVID-19 Crisis

Kevin Wallace and Carlyn Runnels will explore how your nonprofit can move forward with its capital campaign in the current environment. Full Transcript: Steven: All right. Carlyn and Kevin, you okay if I go ahead and get things started officially? Carlyn: Absolutely. Thanks, Steven. Steven: All right. Well, good afternoon, [...]

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