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Conducting Confidential Feasibility Studies: A Good or Bad Choice?

As many organizations begin eyeing the post-COVID fundraising landscape, many may find themselves in need of increased capacity to better serve their communities and drive their missions forward.  For these nonprofits, the pandemic brought about simultaneous surges in both support and need for their services—an exciting but certainly unprecedented and [...]

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[VIDEO] Mapping Your Capital Campaign During the COVID-19 Crisis

Kevin Wallace and Carlyn Runnels will explore how your nonprofit can move forward with its capital campaign in the current environment. Full Transcript: Steven: All right. Carlyn and Kevin, you okay if I go ahead and get things started officially? Carlyn: Absolutely. Thanks, Steven. Steven: All right. Well, good afternoon, [...]

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Considering a Capital Campaign? You Need A Toolkit!

One of the key steps and perhaps the most important one of the Bloomerang Consultative Sales Process is our Needs Analysis. Within this crucial step we explore every objective the nonprofit has for their CRM/record keeping/communication system as well reviewing all functions needed and problems to be solved. Often we [...]

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7 Essential Elements of a Capital Campaign

There are a lot of strategies out there about the best ways to begin a new capital campaign. And because no two campaigns are exactly the same, it can be difficult to find information and best-practices that fit your unique scenario.   Generis, a consultant group specializing in helping faith-based [...]

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