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See How Bloomerang Can Have a Bigger Impact on Your Mission!

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In-person events and meetings are back and Bloomerang has what you need to connect with donors and move your mission forward. With the Mobile App, the fundraising power of Bloomerang can be accessed from anywhere and in real-time. Engage constituents, monitor transactions, and perform donor research – all from your phone or tablet.

Fundraise On-the-Go

Whether you are hosting an event, exhibiting at a conference, or meeting 1:1 with a donor, capture donations in the moment when constituents feel inspired and motivated to give. The Bloomerang Mobile App allows you to accept donations on-site, not just by entering a donation into the app, but by swiping credit cards using a card reader. 

Add in Bloomerang Payments and you can seamlessly process donations for faster deposits and integrated reporting.

Bloomerang Mobile App with Card Swiper

Improve Donor Retention

Real-time insights at your fingertips mean you can create personal connections and build authentic relationships with donors. Favorite constituents you personally engage with for quick access, or look up constituents you’re about to meet.

See a story about a current donor being honored with an award? Pull out your phone and make a note on their profile and set a task to send them a congratulatory note. If they’re not a current donor but you think they could be, run a quick wealth screen right from your phone.

Get Things Done

With Bloomerang in your pocket, you can stay on top of important tasks and keep things moving from anywhere. Call, text, or email directly from a task, then create follow-ups for the next steps.

Just had a meeting with a donor? Enter your notes while the conversation is still fresh in your mind. Even better, use voice to text when making notes for a hands-free experience.


Watch a quick demo to see how the mobile app makes fundraising easier or download today to discover the benefits for yourself!

The Bloomerang Mobile App is freely available for iOS and Android.

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