It’s time for another Bloomerang Release! This time around we have new Import options, QuickBooks options, a Letter Audit from our friend Tom Ahern, and more. Check it out!

Communication Updates

The holidays aren’t too far off, and as we head into that season, these new communication updates should come in very handy.

Save And Send/Save and Generate

Send your emails and Generate your letters with one less click, using the new Save and Send/Save and Generate options on the email and letter editing screens.

Save and Generate

Interaction Purpose for Pledge Reminder

We’ve added a new Purpose option for Pledge Reminder that you can use on Letters and Interactions.

Email Acknowledgements

Looking for a way to send Acknowledgements by email? The new Acknowledgment option for email templates is here!

Email Acknowledgements

When creating an Acknowledgement Email, you can filter and insert data from transaction fields, allowing you to send out electronic Thank Yous to donors.

Ahern Audit

Our Donor Communications Head Coach, Tom Ahern, has helped us create a wonderful new tool for Letters dubbed the “Ahern Audit.”

Ahern Audit Button

This tool runs Tom’s “You” Test and a Grade Level test to help you ensure that your letters will hit the mark every time.

Ahern Audit Pass

Interaction & Note Imports

For those of you who receive data from other systems that you want to bring into Bloomerang, we’ve added the option to import spreadsheets of Interactions or Notes.

Interaction And Note Imports

Reporting Updates

We’ve added a couple of new reporting options for you as well.

Filter and Report on Created/Modified Info

You can now filter and report on the following details for Constituents, Transactions, Interactions, Notes, and Tasks.

  • Created By
  • Created Date
  • Modified By
  • Modified Date

Created Date Report
You can also view these details at the bottom of the Profile and Timeline Entries.

Profile Created-Modified Info

Refunded? Filter

We have added a new filter called “Refunded?” to allow you to filter out refunded and refund transactions from your reports.
Refunded Filter

New QuickBooks Features!

For all of you QuickBooks users out there, this one’s for you. We have some new options to help you bring transactions from Bloomerang over into QuickBooks!

After adding your QuickBooks accounts to Bloomerang, you can select the appropriate QuickBooks account on your transactions.

Select QuickBooks Account

When you’re ready to transfer entries over to QuickBooks, run the QuickBooks Export to create a properly-formatted .IIF file for importing QuickBooks Deposits.
QuickBooks Export

As always, we want to hear your thoughts! If you have questions, comments, or requests for future development, be sure to let our Support team know.

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