Howdy, gang! We’re pleased to roll out a fresh, piping hot release for you on this Monday morning. This release has several smaller items, and one great big one. Read on!

Data Entry Updates

We’ve made a couple of small but very handy changes to help in data entry.

Open Pledge/Recurring Donation Message

We’ve added in a message when adding a new Donation to notify you when the constituent has an open Pledge or Recurring Donation. Now you can simply click New Donation, and then choose to apply it to the right Pledge or Recurring Donation schedule!

Open Pledge Alert

Floating Save Button

Tired of scrolling back up to the top of the page to save? We were, too! So now the Save button will stick at the top of the screen as you scroll, allowing you to save from anywhere on the page.

Floating Save Button

Multi-Line Envelope Names

For those who were looking for a nice way to have both the Organization Name and the Primary Contact’s Name listed in address blocks, this change is for you. The Envelope Name field is now a multi-line field so you can put both the Primary Contact and the Organization into it. Now you can simply use Envelope Name in your letters, and it will include the right information for both Individual and Organization records.

Multi-Line Envelope Name

Report & Letter Updates

Again, no major changes here, but we’ve got a couple of new items in Reports and Letters that you should check out.

“Today’s Date” Merge Field

We’ve added a new merge field for “Today’s Date.” Just pop the “Today’s Date” field into your letter templates, and no matter when you run the letters, they’ll contain the current date.

Today's Date Merge Field

GL Code Reporting

We’ve added two new report columns, Debit Account and Credit Account, to allow you see the relevant GL Codes for each transaction in your reports.

GL Code Report

Database Setting Update – Deactivate & Sort Tributes

Have a lot of tribute records in your database? Now you can sort them into whatever order you like and deactivate old Tribute entries that are no longer in use.

Tribute Sort

New Feature: Import!

The biggest, baddest (and by bad, we mean good) feature in this release is the new Import tool. Now you can upload spreadsheets of Constituent and Donation data in just a few quick steps. And did we mention how easy it is to use? It automatically maps in your data, and it gracefully handles errors in your file, allowing you to run your import even with a less-than-perfect spreadsheet.

Import Mapping Screen

For those of you who are excited to try it out, go take a look at our Import Guide beforehand. We think you’ll find this new tool simple and powerful!

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