Hot on the heels of Release 1.0, we’re pleased to bring you our next Bloomerang version! Release 2.0 is a small release, but it includes some powerful and handy new items. Read on for more details.

Feature Enhancements

Release 2.0 contains the following new features.

Constituent Merge

Time to clean up those duplicates, guys – constituent merging is here! Go to the Profile Edit page to access the Merge option.

Peruse the list of possible duplicates Bloomerang finds for you, or search manually if you prefer.

Then, just choose which direction the merge should go.

And boom, the accounts are merged.

Engagement Level

The Engagement Levels are now live on the Summary Page! The levels, which include Cold, Cool, Warm, Hot, and On Fire!, are a measurement of how engaged a constituent is with your organization at the moment.

Engagement Factors

The Engagement Levels currently include all of the following factors:

  • Giving – includes upgrade/downgrade info, recurring/sustainer giving, and fundraising the constituent has done on your organization’s behalf.
  • Communications – includes email activity and inbound touches from the constituent
  • Volunteer Activity
  • Event Activity

It factors in both recent activity and historical patterns. Look for this list of factors to increase over time as we add more features!

Interaction Updates

Inbound Interaction Marker

The Interaction screen now includes a flag to allow you to note when the interaction was initiated by the constituent.

Email Tracking Stats

The Interaction screen will now display Email Tracking Stats for emails sent through Bloomerang, allowing you to see whether a particular constituent opened the email, clicked links, or unsubscribed.

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