After several months of use by our intrepid Beta Users, Bloomerang is now live! With our February 25th release, we are proud to bring to you the full set of features described below. However, we’re not done yet – these features are just the beginning of what we have planned in our journey to build a truly unique fundraising solution that helps you connect with your donors, build better relationships, and increase donor support and retention.

Bloomerang Features

Bloomerang currently contains the following features:


The Dashboard page allows you to keep your fingers on the pulse of your organization. It displays your current donor retention rate; donations you’ve received this week, this month, and this year; a campaign progress meter; and links to active task lists. It also provides quick links to recently-accessed reports and constituents.


In Bloomerang, you can track all of your constituent data with ease, including multiple addresses, phones, and emails, contact preferences, demographic data, and relationships. You can also add custom fields to track the items unique to your organization.

Timeline View

Get a complete picture of all activities that have occurred on an account using Bloomerang’s Timeline. Here you can view all donations, interactions, upcoming tasks, and freeform notes that you’ve entered, allowing you to get the full story on what has been happening with the constituent. The Timeline even pulls out Highlights to help draw your attention to important milestones.

Donation & Pledge Tracking

Bloomerang allows you to track both single and recurring donations, in kind gifts, and pledges. With our streamlined Pledge Schedule tool, you can easily track pledges with non-standard schedules and irregular payment amounts.

Credit Card Processing & Refunds

You can process credit cards and refunds right in your Bloomerang database using a Stripe processing account, providing you a convenient, secure, and simple way to offer your donors more payment options.

Online Donations & Email Sign-Up

Bloomerang’s Widgets allow you to place Online Donation and Email Sign-up fields on any page of your own website. Donors can make one-time or recurring gifts and sign up to receive your email communications, all without ever leaving your web page.

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When reporting, running letters, or generating emails, you can use Bloomerang’s intuitive but powerful Filtering options to segment your lists and target just the entries you need.


Bloomerang offers a variety of pre-built reports that you can customize to add or remove columns and group and sort the entries to create meaningful, comprehensive reports in minutes.


Bloomerang allows you to create and generate letters, ranging from Acknowledgements to Receipts to Solicitations. You can upload your own images, adjust the letter’s look & feel, and insert tags to merge in data from Bloomerang.

When you generate your letters via Bloomerang, we automatically create an Interaction to record the communication and store a copy of each letter. This makes keeping track of your paper communications a breeze!


Bloomerang’s email tools make it easy to create and send attractive, attention-grabbing emails to all of your constituents. To increase deliverability and provide an extra level of service to your donors, we include Opt-Out and Subscription management in every email you send. We also track opens, clicks, and unsubscribe rates to help you gauge the success of each email.

Unlimited Users & Custom Fields

Bloomerang allows you to create unlimited user accounts so that all of your team can access your data. You can also customize your database to suit your needs with unlimited custom fields.

Open API

We believe that you should be able to have all of your systems integrate seamlessly. That’s why Bloomerang offers an open Application Programming Interface (API), allowing you the flexibility to make Bloomerang talk to whatever system you like.

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