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At last!

Unique among CRMs, Bloomerang has solved the oft complex, time-consuming and expensive task of updating your donors’ addresses, marking deceased records and appending basic demographic information like age, gender, income and presence of children.

Thanks to the Bloomerang-TrueGivers Data Stewardship Integration every Bloomerang user can now choose to have their database updated every night, automatically and absolutely free. This money-saving, time-saving, income boosting feature is now comes as part of your basic subscription package.

Bloomerang Solves a BIG Problem

On average 11% of all U.S. nonprofit mail appeals won’t be delivered by the postal service. That’s because nearly 45 million Americans move each year and for millions their mail becomes undeliverable because of incorrect addresses.

As a result, nonprofits waste money in undeliverable communications. Lose millions in revenue…and lose contact donors they can no longer communicate with.

And that’s a BIG Problem. 

A recent study conducted by TrueGivers of over 1,200 small and mid-sized organizations containing a total of 9.6 million records found 545,000 bad addresses (5.6% of the total) and 268,000 deceased donors (2.79% of the total.) That’s a lot of wasted appeals and communications…lots of lost income and donor retention.

In fact, the study estimated that if the wrong addresses were not corrected those 1200 organizations would lose a projected $21.8 million in the first year alone and more than $100 million over a five-year period.

Bloomerang Values Your Time

All the great copywriting…all the donor care imaginable…and all the brilliant fundraising strategies in the world don’t matter if your donor no longer receives your communication.

But until now keeping your addresses up-to-date has been a time-consuming hassle—often a task we all put off until we have more time.

No more. Bloomerang values your time. And that’s why we’ve made the Bloomerang/TrueGivers Data Stewardship Integration. Automatically. Every night.

Bloomerang Provides More Than Correct Addresses. Far More.

Not only are your donor addresses automatically checked and updated every night with accurate, mailable addresses, you also receive:

  • Notification of Deceased Donors

Over 2 million people pass away each year in the U.S. Knowing when a donor or member of a donor’s household has passed away is critical to managing donor relationships.

The fallout from just one mismanaged interaction can produce shock waves. Can you think of a bigger motivator for a negative response than to address an appeal to a deceased volunteer or donor? How about that cringe-inducing phone call when a gift officer asks, “How’s Charlie doing?” only to find out that Charlie passed away 10 months ago.

Bloomerang automatically, and as part of your basic subscription, alerts you to the death of a donor so you can take appropriate action to either reach out to the family or take steps to suppress future actions.

  • Donor Profile Information

Has your CEO or board members ever asked, “Who are our donors?”…”How old are our donors?… “What’s their average income?” And on and on.

Or does a colleague come to you and ask,”Can I get a list of donors 50 to 60 years of age for our planned giving mailing?”

Now, as part of the Bloomerang/TrueGivers Donor Stewardship Integration you this information is at your fingertips and is updated automatically each night.

AND…if you want to append specific demographic data to individual records you can do this only for those records you wish to enhance. No expensive minimums. No data contracts.

Bloomerang automatically, and as part of your basic subscription, keeps the profile of your data base updated and provides a fast, inexpensive process for appending donor-specific information to only those records you choose

Bloomerang’s Birds-Eye-View Dashboard

Within minutes of enabling the Donor Data Stewardship service (enable here) a Dashboard is created especially for your organization to give you a high-level view and analysis of your data.

The Data Stewardship Dashboard provides you with instant, up-to-date information on such vital signs as:

  • Total records on file
  • Trends over the previous changes over the last 30 days
  • Your postal savings from corrected records
  • Deceased individuals and deaths in household
  • Number of mailable addresses and number of unmailable addresses
  • The number of records enhanced with demographic data
  • A chronological history of updates on your database

A new row is added after each update to show Status, Record Count and when the update was started and completed.

  • AND…the Dashboard provides a dynamic map so you can visualize the geographic distribution of your donors

In addition, the Dashboard alerts you to a list of tasks you might consider and act on:

  • “Staying in Touch” with donors who’ve moved
  • “Individual Condolences” to families of deceased donors or someone in the donor’s household who has passed away
  • “Birthdays” in the upcoming month should you wish to send a greeting

Bloomerang Improves Your Bottom Line

We’ve designed the new Bloomerang Data Stewardship service to not only improve your immediate fundraising results, but to make regular, meaningful contact with your donors easier, more cost-efficient and far more effective. All this automatically while dramatically reducing your time spent.

Most folks just want to know that the new Data Stewardship service works automatically and for no charge because it’s part of their Bloomerang subscription.

For those who are more into the nuts and bolts of ‘how’ it works we’ve provided lots of information here.

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