Yolisa Qunta

About Yolisa Qunta

Yolisa Qunta is a mentor at SAYes in the Group Care Program, designed to prepare young people currently living in, or recently exited from, Child and Youth Care Centres (Children’s Homes) for independent living. She is an administrator at SA POC at the Table, a nonprofit that fosters opportunities for skills exchange, networking, and collaboration for people of color in the food and beverage industry, and related creative industries. A published author and freelance writer Yolisa uses her words to advocate for more inclusion, representation, and equality across the board.

How the Latest BLM Protests Are Improving Things For Nonprofits and Their Allies

Black lives have always mattered, more especially in a country largely built on the labor of enslaved people. The expression which gained traction on social media is not a new movement, but builds on a solid legacy started by stalwarts such as Rosa Parks, Angela Davis, and Martin Luther King [...]