Drew Coursin, J.D., CFRE

About Drew Coursin, J.D., CFRE

Drew Coursin is a Senior Donor Advisor at Greater Twin Cities United Way. He focuses on building authentic, lasting relationships by listening carefully, meeting donors where they are most comfortable, and understanding what inspires people to give from the heart. Prior to becoming a nonprofit fundraiser, Drew provided legal services and strategic advice to early-stage companies and entrepreneurs as they turned their innovative ideas into viable businesses.

4 Tips for Putting on Successful Nonprofit Events

Successful nonprofit events -- fundraising events, galas, friendraisers, 2-for-1 kitten adoption meetups -- can be great ways to boost awareness of a nonprofit’s mission, recruit new members/donors/directors, and supplement direct fundraising efforts. But they can also be expensive, time-consuming, and more cost than benefit if attendance and engagement are poor. [...]

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