About Andrew Cecil

Andrew Cecil is a Senior Account Executive at Bloomerang. From his unique background which includes seven years in software design and support and seven years on the front lines of a faith-based nonprofit, Andrew has developed strengths in collaborative team building, project management, and process improvement. His leadership experience includes roles in technical management, software development, and customer training.

[CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT] How Joseph Maley Foundation Builds Donor Relationships

“Fundraising best practices” even as a commonly used term still tends to sound complex. Full of academic definitions. Statistics. Headiness. Possibly even void of practical reality. The truth is they can be made highly practical with immediate outcomes. I recently had the privilege of spending some time Maggie, the Development [...]

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5 Takeways Fundraisers Can Learn from Professional Quarterback Negotiations

You may not care one bit about professional football. Even if you do, you probably aren’t overly concerned about the off-season trades and signings of multi-millionaire players. This blog post isn’t going to convince you otherwise. However, I recently read a detailing of the lengths that the Minnesota Vikings leadership [...]

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Salesforce for Nonprofits: Savior or Sinker?

So what does it take to be successful with Salesforce as a nonprofit? Having worked with hundreds of nonprofits looking to make a meaningful change in their fundraising tools, Salesforce often comes up as a possible option. As a purveyor of donor management tools ourselves, you would expect that we [...]

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