The Bloomies are our award for outstanding donor communications in the nonprofit sector. Each week, we’ll feature a newsletter, email, direct mail piece, acknowledgement, solicitation or social media post that caught our eye.

Nominated by: Steven Shattuck

Tell us about the fundraiser and/or organization you are nominating:

Wheeler Mission Ministries is a non-denominational, Christian, social services organization, which provides critically needed goods and services to the homeless, poor, and needy of central Indiana.

Tell us about the piece you are nominating:

Wheeler Mission recently posted two photos to their Facebook page, thanking a young donor:


Why do you think they are deserving of a Bloomie?

Is there a more perfect Facebook update? Far too few social media posts fall into the category of “appreciation.”

It shouldn’t be a surprise that this post has vastly more engagement (likes, comments) than previous posts. Why? This hits all the right buttons: donor appreciation, showing impact, visual, entertaining and authentic content. It does everything!

Even though it’s not a direct appeal, the wording of this post is strategic.

“Last Tuesday, a 5-year-old girl donated three large bags full of stuffed animals to us! She was very happy to donate her animals and hopes they bring a smile to the children who receive them! Thank you!”

In one sentence, Wheeler deftly communicates the impact on both the donor and the recipient. One commenter even asked where the drop-off location is. Without asking for donations, Wheeler moves people to act – much more powerful than a direct appeal.

Appreciative content performs the best on social media, so keep showing the love!

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Kristen Salmon

Kristen Salmon

Product Manager at Bloomerang
Kristen Salmon is a Product Manager at Bloomerang. Kristen holds a Master of Public Affairs degree with concentrations in Nonprofit Management and Policy Analysis from Indiana University Bloomington and a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Oklahoma State University. She also worked for two years as a Research Assistant in grad school on the multi-year Indiana Nonprofits: Scope and Community Dimensions project.