The Bloomies are our award for outstanding donor communications in the nonprofit sector. Each week, we’ll feature a newsletter, email, direct mail piece, acknowledgement, solicitation or social media post that caught our eye.

Nominated by: Claire Axelrad, JD, CFRE

Tell us about the fundraiser and/or organization you are nominating: Opportunity Fund

Opportunity Fund is a not-for-profit social enterprise helping thousands of California families build financial stability. Their strategy combines microloans for small businesses, microsavings accounts, and community real estate financing. Since making their first loan in 1995, they have deployed over $220 million.

Tell us about the piece you are nominating:

The nominated piece is a recent email newsletter from Opportunity Fund.


Why do you think they are deserving of a Bloomie?

This newsletter deserves a Bloomie for a few reasons:

1. It’s donor-centered:

The newsletter highlights a donor, making it all about the impact donors have on the mission. The donor happens to also be someone who’s walked in the shoes of the clients, lending a great deal of credibility to what she has to say.

[And recognizing the donor in this way is a great “move” towards asking her to upgrade her gift the next time it’s solicitation time].

The newsletter talks about philanthropy in a very donor-centered manner, making it about love and a desire to help people, rather than about just money.

2. It highlights success stories:

By offering newsletter readers the opportunity to purchase Valentine’s Day gifts from businesses that were supported by Opportunity Fund.


Aside from the featured story, and the links to successful client businesses, the video to which the newsletter links does a very effective job.

3. It’s transparent: It links to a dynamite Annual Report that shows how donor dollars are spent. It also includes a nice balance of celebrating both donors and clients.


4. It “brandjacks” the news: The newsletter links readers to their blog, where they reveal data from a recently released report about the sorry state of California’s economy — noting how Opportunity Fund’s work addresses this problem.

5. It offers opportunities to get engaged: (a) invitation to upcoming event; (b) opportunity to make a Valentine’s Day donation in honor of someone.

Overall, it’s an interesting, constituent-centered newsletter with a nice balance of features that will appeal to different audiences.

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Kristen Salmon

Kristen Salmon

Product Manager at Bloomerang
Kristen Salmon is a Product Manager at Bloomerang. Kristen holds a Master of Public Affairs degree with concentrations in Nonprofit Management and Policy Analysis from Indiana University Bloomington and a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Oklahoma State University. She also worked for two years as a Research Assistant in grad school on the multi-year Indiana Nonprofits: Scope and Community Dimensions project.