The Bloomies are our award for outstanding donor communications in the nonprofit sector. Each week, we’ll feature a newsletter, email, direct mail piece, acknowledgement, solicitation or social media post that caught our eye.

Nominated by: Tom Ahern

Tell us about the fundraiser and/or organization you are nominating: Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services

Founded in 1922, Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services serves more than 73,000 people annually, and operates 12 retirement communities, 10 adult day centers and manages six senior centers, in partnership with local governments.

Tell us about the piece you are nominating:

Their Fiscal Year 2013 Annual Report, aptly titled “Superheroes” does more to thank their donors than to simply tout the organization’s achievements. You can see the full report here >>


The editor of the report had this to say:

“Two years ago we took the advice of Tom Ahern literally – and made the donor our hero. This has been our most well-received annual report in our 28-year history! This report is for our Foundation only, and does not include the operational company. Our audience is primarily older adults, so we use very large type and graphics.”


The content it simple and brief: a thank you, a few impact stories and then performance data. No fluff.


Why do you think they are deserving of a Bloomie?

Our judges loved the clean, minimalist design and overall donor-centricity, underscored by the super hero motif.

Celebrate the risk-takers!

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Kristen Salmon

Kristen Salmon

Product Manager at Bloomerang
Kristen Salmon is a Product Manager at Bloomerang. Kristen holds a Master of Public Affairs degree with concentrations in Nonprofit Management and Policy Analysis from Indiana University Bloomington and a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Oklahoma State University. She also worked for two years as a Research Assistant in grad school on the multi-year Indiana Nonprofits: Scope and Community Dimensions project.