Purchasing a new car can be a fun task. However, deciding on additional features while trying to stay within your price range can be a bit daunting! Do I get that camera that allows me to see when I back up? How about those seat warmers? Extended warranty? A custom paint job would be nice too!

Car Cup HolderWhat about that extra cost for the cup holder? Wait…what?  Huh? I have to pay extra for a cup holder?! That scenario would make you stop and question what the dealer is doing. I think we all would agree that a cup holder is a pretty standard addition to purchasing a car today that should not require any additional cost.

When searching for the perfect fundraising software for your organization, why would you consider paying a surcharge premium for what should be standard functionality in any donor database CRM?

Here are some vital tools that should be standard in any donor database or fundraising software at NO additional cost:

  1. Mass email – all your email communication (templates, subscription lists, reports, etc.)
  2. Online giving integration – capturing the important giving details from your online gifts and integrating them directly into your donor database system
  3. Document communication – being able to choose thank you letters directly from the database to help you with efficiency and proper communication
  4. Unlimited Users – why would any organization not want the appropriate people to log in and enter the vital information in any relationship building process
  5. Training – being able to use the fundraising software to its full potential is in everyone’s best interest.  Why should that cost extra?
  6. Peer to Peer giving integration – those donor details that give to your organization for the first time through a family or friend are SO importing to get into your fundraising database!
  7. Online support – getting help via email or IM chat should be as routine as logging into your Facebook account – and should not cost extra!

Are you experiencing frustration with the added cost of your ‘modules’ in your fundraising software that should come standard? In today’s world, it would be a bit crazy to pay extra for that car cup holder! Don’t let the same problem apply to your fundraising database solution!

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Wayne Robbins

Wayne Robbins

Wayne Robbins was VP of Sales at Bloomerang. A graduate of Hyles-Anderson College, Wayne has over 15 years experience in nonprofit and faith-based development and fundraising in addition to his 10 years of experience in sales.