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7 Fun & Easy Ways to Share Stories at Fundraising Events

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Great Fundraising Events: From Experience to Transformation.

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As a master storyteller, I love teaching people how to connect others to your work. The way I do this is by helping organizations share fresh, emotionally connecting Mission Moments.

I define a mission moment as “any short, inspirational example of how your organization is making an impact.”

It is your people examples that bring your mission to life and cause others to take action (i.e., give money and volunteer).

The magic of storytelling is, of course, in the content of your story. Often staff and board members are not quite sure what it means to “share a story” or they feel like they don’t have a good story to share.

I believe everyone has at least one story to share. . . their own. And each and every day you bump into tons of “real life examples” of the amazing work being done.

Here are a few examples of mission moments:

  • The HUGE smile on 7 year-old Henry’s face when he completed his homework correctly for the first time.
  • The tears running down Ron’s face, the recent Iraqi war veteran, as he learns to walk again.
  • The pride on the face one of your volunteers as she hands out backpacks to thousands of children.

You get the idea.

Besides your e-news, website, annual appeal and your print materials, an excellent place to share mission moments is at your fundraising events. Tell a short, emotionally descriptive recounting of that powerful moment using pictures and words.

Whether you have a gala, golf tournament, walk or bike-a-thon, or something else I strongly recommend you ALWAYS find a way to incorporate a story – paint a picture for your guests of the life of one person. Show them exactly WHY their gift makes a difference.

Here are 7 fun & easy ways you can share short compelling stories before, during, and after your fundraising special events:

  • Invitations and save the date cards
  • Program insert
  • Social media about the event
  • Bathroom, stairs and elevators 
(Yes! You read that right. I DID say bathroom!)
  • Live testimonial
  • Event video or follow-up thank you video
  • Thank you note

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