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5 Reasons Why Every Nonprofit CEO/ED Should Blog


There’s no arguing that a nonprofit CEO or Executive Director is the most influential member of your organization. After all, why else would the cover letter for the annual report or your gift acknowledgements be penned by them?

Just like those donor communications pieces, a blog can be a great place to let the leader of your nonprofit shine.

Unfortunately though – according to our own research – only about 37% of nonprofits are blogging regularly.

Here are five reasons why the leader of your nonprofit should blog regularly:

1) Nonprofit Leaders Are Subject Matter Experts

If you are the leader of a nonprofit organization, it’s likely that you possess a lot of institutional knowledge about your cause – especially if you are also the org founder.

There is arguably no better place to share that knowledge than on a blog, where it’s easily accessible and disseminable.

2) Stakeholders Want To Know What The Org Leader Is Thinking

The organizational leader is the natural spokesperson for your mission. Your blog posts can help keep not only your donors informed, but also your staff, volunteers, board, sponsors, vendors, grantees and other partners.

Demonstrating that your leadership can communicate news, knowledge and opinion in an open forum will build their credibility and the credibility of the entire organization.

3) It’s An Opportunity To Relate Personally

Allowing people to better know you and your passion for your organization’s mission carries so many benefits.   Don’t be afraid to let a more personal side shine through a blog post. It can humanize your brand and represent a tremendous relationship-building opportunity!

New to blogging? Check out our Guide to Nonprofit Blogging Infographic >>

4) It Will Help Your Website

Any website is vastly improved when new and interesting content is published there on a regular basis. After all, what other reason is there for visitors to return to your site on a regular basis?

And it’s not just humans you should consider. Frequently adding content to your website is one of the best ways to win at search engine optimization. If you want your nonprofit’s website to rank higher when people search for key terms related to your mission or organization, adding content regularly is not optional.

5) Blog Posts Can Easily Be Repurposed

We know every nonprofit leader is writing multiple emails most every day. Chances are, you’re already sitting on a ton of content that could easily be repurposed into blog posts.

Repurposing works both ways. Your blog posts can also find new life in newsletters, annual reports and other fundraising collateral.

There you have it! Five wonderful reasons why every nonprofit CEO or ED should be blogging daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or (worst case) monthly.

  • Organizational news and updates
  • Educational information about your cause (new research, tips & tricks, etc.)
  • Mission success stories
  • Personal stories
  • Profiles of your employees and/or volunteers

Does your nonprofit CEO or executive director blog? Are there any reasons why they do that I missed? How is it going for them? Let me know in the comments below!


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