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4 Kinds Of #GivingTuesday Social Media Posts That Get Engagement

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How to Use Social Media to Improve Donor Loyalty

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Summer is over, kids are back in school, and the holidays are a solid two months away. So now what?

Now we plan for #GivingTuesday for nonprofits!

Since the launch of #GivingTuesday in 2012, tens of thousands of organizations around the world have participated in the global event. In 2014, nonprofits raised more than $45 million and the giving increases every year. Total donations in 2014 surpassed those in 2013 by 63%.

So how do you make the most of this amazing worldwide day to give back? You start planning your communications strategy now by outlining your story, planning your events, and developing your messages. It’s not too early to begin composing your social media posts so that you have them ready as the big day approaches.

To get you started, we’ve pulled together a list of the four kinds of social media posts that get the most engagement for #GivingTuesday.

1. Seeing Is Engaging: Photos, Videos, And Images

True on social media every day of the year and even more so on #GivingTuesday, posts with some visual element see greater engagement than text-based posts–photos result in an up to 85% interaction rate on Facebook and an increase in retweets by 35%.

If you don’t have a graphic designer and the idea of creating a slew of visual posts causes you stress, we have good news: your visual #GivingTuesday posts don’t need to be professionally produced videos or images. In fact, some of the most popular Giving Tuesday images you post could be quick shots you snap on your phone. Here are a few ideas of great visual posts that will carry your message far:

  • Behind-the-scenes photos of your staff getting ready for #GivingTuesday
  • Photos or video from an in-person event you hold on the day
  • A video collage of your supporters talking about why they give
  • #unselfies of you and/or your supporters

2. Getting Ahead Of Things: Pre-day Posts

The size and growth of #GivingTuesday means great things for us all—more donations, more awareness, and, of course, more giving. But the huge number of organizations creates a lot of social media chatter and sometimes that can be difficult to break through.

So start early. Get out there before Thanksgiving and get your followers and supporters excited. Project Renewal once raised over $77K thanks, at least in part, to timing their messages well and sending out progressively more communication as the day approached. In this pre-event window, consider:

  • General posts about how #GivingTuesday is comin soon
  • Stories and successes from last year
  • Information about any special plans or events you have in store this year
  • Posts to tease any plans you have–without giving away the details!

Before the flood of #GivingTuesday begins, supporters will engage with your previews as they, too, get excited for the big day.

3. Sharing Is Caring: Supporters And Their Stories


#GivingTuesday is a day to lean on your supporters and their willingness to share your message as their own. It’s a day when your followers are primed to engage with stories of giving, coming together in the spirit of generosity. And it’s a day to show your gratitude for the people who contribute.

So choose some of your best supporters and encourage them to share their stories—about why they give, what giving means to them, or why they believe in the work that you do using the #unselfie hashtag.

To enable your supporters to really extend their reach and capture the #GivingTuesday audience, share #GivingTuesday’s Social Media Toolkit with them, or create your own #GivingTuesday social media toolkit specific to your nonprofit! And then share stories about how their support helps you make the change you wish to see in the world.

4. Big Names For Big Engagement: Posts From Influencers Or Sponsors

We know that not every organization has a big name celebrity in their corner. But the great thing about social media is that you don’t really need that A-list movie star to talk about your cause.

Influencers of every possible type are speaking to large masses of people every day online—from sharing pieces of their life with thousands on Instagram, tweeting out to hundreds of thousands on Twitter, or talking directly to millions on YouTube. And one of them might love what you do.

So be on the lookout for some of the biggest supporters of your cause; they may be interested in what your organization does.

And don’t forget any corporate sponsors you’ve engaged with throughout the year. A well-timed post from one of these larger companies can go far.

Feeling ready for #GivingTuesday? For more resources check out this post on How to Plan for a Successful #GivingTuesday Campaign and don’t miss this Comprehensive Guide to Planning a #GivingTuesday Campaign.


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