There are many options available to nonprofits looking for fundraising software. Every organization has unique needs, and a serious fundraiser should strictly vet every product they come across. With all the well-established vendors in the nonprofit sector, it may be tempting to write off a newcomer. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t overlook one product just because it’s new:

First Birthday1. Innovation

Engineers and developers working on a new product can be bold and adventuresome. Breakthroughs in design, functionality and user-experience are commonplace within a startup. Not having the baggage of an existing infrastructure or product line enables a focus on features that truly matter. When study after study reveals that most organizations use less than 20% of the functionality in an average fundraising software product, a new player on the scene can shed 80% of that unused functionality with no repercussions, while at the same time passing a cost savings along to the user.

2. Responsiveness

The startup environment is very conducive to agility and responsiveness when it comes to customer requests. While it’s common for a general feature roadmap to be in place, a newer company can more quickly implement user recommendations, fix bugs and release updates. With a smaller customer roster, support is more reactive and personalized.The CEO might even be the person who answers the call!

3. Passion

It’s easy to take a job at a well-established company, rest on your laurels and maintain the status-quo. However, if you walk through the offices of a new company, you’ll find a group of people who are literally obsessed with the success of their product. The passion is palpable. The excitement of a startup also allows you to recruit the best and brightest who not only have skin in the game, but can also bring their unique backgrounds and experiences to bear.

BONUS: If the employees bring years and years of experience to the table, you get the benefits of a startup and a long-established company!

It’s understandable to be hesitant about a brand new software product. Generally, new software offers more benefits than existing products on the market, but every organization must be diligent in identifying which is the best fit. Try to place that natural resistance to change or something brand new aside and focus on what a vendor truly brings to the table, besides just youth.

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Steven Shattuck

Steven Shattuck

Chief Engagement Officer at Bloomerang
Steven Shattuck is Chief Engagement Officer at Bloomerang. A prolific writer and speaker, Steven is a contributor to "Fundraising Principles and Practice: Second Edition" and volunteers his time on the Project Work Group of the Fundraising Effectiveness Project, is an AFP Center for Fundraising Innovation (CFI) committee member, and sits on the faculty of the Institute for Charitable Giving. He is the author of Robots Make Bad Fundraisers - How Nonprofits Can Maintain the Heart in the Digital Age, published by Bold and Bright Media.