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3 Reasons To Attend Cause Camp 2018

There’s no shortage of learning opportunities for fundraisers: blog posts, webinars, seminars and conferences. It can be a full time job keeping up with all of them, let alone identifying the ones that are most appropriate for your current role.

Conferences are particularly tough since they often require travel expenses and significant time away from the office. While it’s hard to go wrong with most conferences in the nonprofit sector, Cause Camp is as close to a sure-thing as you can get.

Here are three reasons why all fundraisers need to attend Cause Camp, one of the best conferences in the nonprofit sector.

1. The speaker line-up is amazing

Cause Camp is only $299 for two days of content from these speakers:

  • Vu Le, Nonprofit AF
  • Marc Pitman, Concord Leadership Group
  • Simone Joyaux, Joyaux Associates
  • Simon Scriver, Change Fundraising
  • Nancy Schwartz, Getting Attention
  • Kishshana Palmer, Kishshana Co.
  • Lori Jacobwith, Ignited Fundraising
  • Julie Hirshey, Philadelphia Eagles
  • Paul Reynolds, FableVision
  • Kristen Hadeed, Start With Why

That’s ridiculous. I would probably pay $1000 to see these people.

I know Vu, Marc, Simone, Simon, Nancy, Kishshana and Lori personally and I can tell you for a fact that they are all geniuses.

I don’t know Julie, Paul or Kristen but their backgrounds look quite impressive. Plus, when are you going to get the chance to hear from someone who runs communications for an NFL team?

2. You don’t have to make a hard choice when it comes to which sessions to attend

Every session is plenary, meaning you don’t have to miss any of the speakers. After all, why pay for a conference when you can’t see all the speakers?

The speakers and session topics are handpicked and the agenda is curated so that each presentation flows into the next. This isn’t just a random splattering of three breakout sessions to choose from.

You are going to see this model more and more in other conferences!

3. It’s organized by true nonprofit champions

When I get asked what conferences I recommend, Cause Camp always rises to the top of the list along with the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference and the #DonorLove Rendezvous.

What all three have in common is that they are organized by true nonprofit champions. Cause Camp isn’t put on by an association / membership group or a for-profit that serves nonprofits (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

It’s organized by the creators of Nonprofit Hub, an amazing online resource and physical co-working/event space for nonprofits. Both Cause Camp and Nonprofit Hub are labors of love.

The hospitality at Cause Camp is second to none. There will be an army of volunteers and employees there to help you with anything you need. Plus, there’s always a lot of fun surprises for attendees that I won’t spoil.

So if you haven’t finalized your 2018 extended learning budget, be sure to make room for Cause Camp. You won’t be disappointed!

Hope to see you there!

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