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3 Questions to Ask to Determine Your Nonprofit’s Impact


When you look at mid-level donors, what do you see? I see great potential for the future, relationships worth investing in, and the key leaders who can help secure the future of our organization for generations to come.

Upgrading donors from the bottom to the middle to the top of the donor pyramid is going to take more than adding a few staff members to cultivate relationships and making a few more asks. To make a lasting impact and maximize your opportunity, you need to identify, upgrade and steward your current donors to achieve not only your short-term but also long-term goals.

3 Challengeing Questions to Ask to Determine Your Nonprofit’s Impact

Hundreds of donors exist that are primed and ready to be upgraded to the middle of your donor pyramid. These people will one day be capable of being at the top of your donor pyramid–they certainly shouldn’t be overlooked and left at the bottom. These three questions will help you accelerate your nonprofit’s impact.

1. What is our current strategy for upgrading donors? The first step to building a healthy and sustainable funding model through mid-level donor development is to evaluate your current strategy.

2. What fundraising goals are we hoping to achieve in both the short and long-term? You need to make an honest assessment of where you want to be in the near future and in 10, 20, 50 years.

3. How satisfied are we with our current results when it comes to upgrading general fund donors? This is where you have to really get gut-level honest. Are you satisfied with the status quo? What is your big hairy audacious goal?

Once you answer those questions, the next step is to decide if you can get there on your own or if you need an experienced guide who can help you implement advanced techniques around data, strategy and creative to build a healthy and sustainable funding model.

Are you ready to take the next step to upgrade donors who have the potential and interest to give more to your organization?


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