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10 Things To Remember About Mid-Level Donors

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Most nonprofits focus on two areas to meet fundraising goals: giving at the general, broad-based fund level and major giving. This strategy has a built-in gap: mid-level giving strategies that simultaneously upgrade donors to your general fund while cultivating the next generation of major donors.

Here are 10 things every nonprofit leader needs to keep in mind when trying to reach mid-level donors:

1. Mid-level giving isn’t just a source of giving for today; it is a cultivation strategy for the major donors of tomorrow. tweet that >>

2. Mid-level donors look like low-level donors.

3. The intelligence we get from donor profiling is invaluable because it allows us to identify prospects with a higher likelihood of giving.

4. 70 percent of mid-level gifts secured through the face-to-face strategy were from non-donors. tweet that >>

5. Securing commitments on the first ask requires the right conversation with the right prospect.

6. Organizations must take an active stance to drive low-level donors to the middle of the pyramid—and engage them with the right message. tweet that >>

7. If you have a system in place to process automatic monthly credit card transactions, monthly giving commitments can be extremely valuable.

8. Direct, personalized attention in a cost-efficient manner will help propel your organization into their top three organizations.

9. Be sincere about developing a relationship from the starting point and you will cultivate a future base of major donors. tweet that >>

10. With every point of contact, you have to keep this in mind: It’s all about the relationship.

Reaching mid-level donors does not have to be the weak spot of your fundraising strategy. You need to know who they are, what is important to them, and how to approach them.

If you want to learn how to effectively upgrade donors in the middle of your pyramid, check out “Mid-level Donors: the 7 Things You Need to Know” to learn more about reaching this overlooked group.

What are you doing to reach mid-level donors? Let us know in the comments below!

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