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10 Reasons Why Bloomerang is Coming to Canada!

If you hadn’t already heard, Bloomerang is expanding into Canada!

After finally caving to pressure firmly establishing the product in the United States and the Caribbean the time has arrived for a northward march.

Here are a few reasons why we’ve decided to invest in what’s required to expand into Canada:

1. Canadian Fundraisers Asking For It

Practically since the day of Bloomerang’s founding, fundraising professionals in Canada have been asking us when they could have access to Bloomerang.   

We can’t handle any more angry emails have heard you loud and clear and the time is now!

2. Portions of Our Best Practices in Fundraising Research is Conducted in Canada

You may be aware that Bloomerang has been proud to fund quite a few of research projects into nonprofit best practices and trends, as well as conducting our own independent surveys.

Nearly every research project Bloomerang has funded included multiple Canadian nonprofits and their leaders because many of our employees want to move there, thus proving how valuable having access to a system that enables those best practices can be for Canadians.

3. Our Three In-House Experts Work with Numerous Canadian Nonprofits

Adrian Sargeant, Tom Ahern and Kivi Leroux Miller all work with Canadian fundraisers and/or have large followings in Canada, and those three really wanted us to expand can’t wait to see the donor database they helped shape become available up north.

4. We Love Our Canadian Consultant Friends

Over the years we’ve built up relationships with many of the top thought-leaders in Canada, including Rory Green, Beth Ann Locke, Ligia Peña, Vanessa Chase, Leah Eustace, Shanon Doolittle (honorary Canadian), Holly Wagg, Jen Love, John Lepp, Sheena Greer and others.

Many have constantly badgered us gently inquired as to when they can introduce our product to their clients. 

We are so glad to have a much better answer now!

5. Canadian Nonprofits are at Conferences we Speak or Exhibit at

We are so thankful for the desperate pleas outpouring of attention we have received over the years from those marvelous Canadians who visit conferences in the U.S. 

Not only are they there, but they also bring an undying spirit to the world of philanthropy, which lifts the entire profession higher!

It is going to be so rewarding to be able to say “YES, we can have one of our Bloomerang Account Executives follow-up with you shortly!”

6. Canadians Love our Educational Webinars

Since the inception of our weekly Bloomerang educational webinars, Canadians have been avid participants and presenters. They are the most polite often lead the questioning and spurred deeper discussions by their interest and focus.   

The ensuing comments usually often included the question as to when the fundraisers in Canada could use Bloomerang to bring best practices to life.

7. It Makes Good Business Sense

The Canadian market can and should be equal to ten percent or more after we figure out the exchange rate of the market in the United States. Perhaps more importantly, just about every marketing and educational initiative Bloomerang utilizes is viewed and accepted by our Canadian fundraising friends.

8. Logical First Step for Larger International Expansion

Almost any successful International business headquartered in the United States made their first step outside our country through a targeted effort with Canada.   

Key factors such as proximity, language, currency why is it called loonies? and mutual beliefs in philanthropy point us to the north time after time. When you add in the past levels of interest expressed by Canadian fundraisers the logic is way too strong to ignore.

9. Increasing Awareness of Donor Retention & Engagement in Canada

This reason ties a bit into reason #6 above. The communications we have had with numerous Canadian fundraisers often lead into in depth analysis of the powerful impact much like a Justin Trudeau right hook improved donor engagement and donor retention can have. 

Their understanding of the importance of donor retention is often cited as a key reason for asking us to bring Bloomerang into Canada. We certainly believe Bloomerang can lead to annual improvements in donor retention as it has in the United States.

10. Canadians are WONDERFUL Customers

This last and perhaps most important reason is quite personal to me and all of my fellow employees from Master Software, Avectra, Abila and eTapestry who had the opportunity to work directly with thousands of Canadian customers in our prior careers serving the nonprofit sector.

Each of us knows just how caring, motivated and driven our fundraising friends to the north are. The Canadians bring so much spirit to every single interaction.

Well, now you know our top ten reasons for bringing Bloomerang to Canada.

If you are from Canada reading this and can think of one or two more please send poutine let us know in the comment area.   

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  • Pamela Grow

    Thrilled! I can personally attest to all these reasons. Canadians ROCK!
  • Beth Ann Locke

    I recall approaching Steven in a dark hallway at the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference and asking, "Why *don't* you want to work in Canada? All you need is a few servers!" He counselled patience. I'll chatting with Jacob this week and am excited to spread the word!
  • Steven Shattuck

    There's just one problem, Sheena...
  • Sheena Greer

    Hooray! Canadian culture seems to be one of quiet giving - we volunteer (2 billion hours a year), we donate (85% of our population, $13 billion a year), and when I have the opportunity to interview donors from across the country, they often say the same thing: we always help our neighbo(u)rs, because we know they'd help us if we needed them. These donors deserve great experiences. And Bloomerang helps fundraisers deliver this. Thank you for bringing your awesomeness to the Great White North - your neighbours are thrilled to have you! (There's a cold beer in the fridge, next to the maple syrup... wanna listen to Rush and shoot some puck?)
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