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We get it. No one ever got fired for maintaining the status quo.

But if you’re looking to increase productivity and reduce costs, Bloomerang users who switch from Blackbaud products like eTapestry, Raiser’s Edge and Raiser’s Edge NXT have found that they’re able to simplify their processes and save money, while still enjoying a powerful feature set, integrated email tool and mobile access.

If you’ve been oversold on features you don’t or can’t use, it’s time to ditch the dinosaur and consider Bloomerang as an alternative to Blackbaud.

To see in-depth comparisons between Bloomerang and Blackbaud products, visit:

Below is a snapshot of how Bloomerang compares as an alternative to Blackbaud products.

Blackbaud vs. Bloomerang: Compare for yourself

Blackbaud Products’ Pricing and Fees

How much do Blackbaud products’ cost? Here’s the breakdown — you do the math.


  • Outdated, complicated user-interface
  • Additional fees for advanced functionality
  • Difficult to use on mobile
  • Additional fees for email analytics
  • 10 online giving forms/pages
  • 10,000 emails per year
  • $49 a month for training
  • errors when used by concurrent users
  • query-based reporting
  • minimal product roadmap
  • $119a month
  • 0-1,000 records


  • Modern, friendly user-interface
  • All features come standard
  • Dedicated mobile app
  • Built-in email analytics come standard
  • Unlimited online giving forms/pages
  • 60,000 emails per year
  • Free group training
  • no errors when used by concurrent users
  • filter-based reporting
  • weekly improvements via a continuous release cycle
  • $99a month
  • 0-1,000 records

Raiser's Edge

  • Requires additional tool to access off-site
  • Complicated user-interface
  • Additional fee for cloud version
  • Overkill for most nonprofits
  • Costly support and add-on modules
  • Hours of costly training required


  • 100% cloud-based
  • Modern, friendly user-interface
  • All features come standard
  • Intuitive and easy to learn
  • Free email/chat support included
  • No training requiredFree group training


  • Requires a Raiser’s Edge subscription
  • Requires connection to a locally hosted Raiser’s Edge database
  • Dashboard interface only – pulls data from RE
  • Little data entry/editing is possible
  • Difficult and complicated user interface
  • Additional cost for training and access to support
  • $999a month
  • For up to 5,000 records


  • Stand-alone product
  • 100% cloud-based
  • Full donor database
  • Comprehensive constituent management
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use user interface
  • Free group trainings and access to support
  • $199a month
  • For up to 5,000 records

With just 5,000 records and a whopping annual price of $11,988, you could easily spend over $30,000 for a three year contract with Raiser’s Edge NXT.

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Still not convinced? Hear from nonprofit leaders who made the switch from Raiser’s Edge and Raiser’s Edge NXT

Common Blackbaud Customer Complaints

alternative to Blackbaud“I highly recommend Bloomerang. We have been on Bloomerang since January 2013 and are very pleased.” said Liz Grindele, Fund Development Manager at Transformance.

“I came from a larger nonprofit and had been using Raiser’s Edge for many years. I like Bloomerang far better. It is user friendly, easy to learn, reports easy to create and Bloomerang is updated and added to on a continual basis.”

“Bloomerang works perfect for us. It’s user-friendly, inexpensive and continues to evolve with new features. And the support team and tutorials are a valuable resource,” said Katy Walsh, Director of Development and Communications at National Runaway Safeline.

“NRS had been using Raisers Edge for over a decade. The system was never a good fit for us… In addition, we subscribed to RE’s new product Nxt. We paid the large fee for two years and still couldn’t utilize the functionality promised. After database staff turnover (6 over 8 years) and an ineffective consultant, NRS was desperate for a change.”

See the rest of Katy’s story here >>

Blackbaud vs. Bloomerang: Don’t just take our word for it:

Blackbaud vs. Bloomerang

Bloomerang has a unique, modern interface that is clean, fresh, and very intuitive – allowing fundraisers to complete tasks more efficiently and effectively!

We take pride in the claim that no training is required to use Bloomerang.

Our customers use Bloomerang to manage their entire constituent ecosystem, including donors, volunteers, sponsors, grantees and more. Real-time retention and engagement metrics come standard, and our knowledgeable, local support team is here to help you every step of the way.

See more customer success stories here to see why we’re a better alternative to Blackbaud.

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Want to see Bloomerang in action?

Watch a short video demo!
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