Get back on track and up to speed with Bloomerang in a flash!


What is it?

Designed for users who feel stuck, our Zero to Sixty class tackles the best of the basics in Bloomerang to get you up and running immediately.

Who is it for?

This Bloomerang Academy class is only open and offered to a select group of people. We limit the size of the group to make sure you and your classmates have more time to ask questions and get answers.

Topics covered

  1. Get to know your Settings. Add a new user, set up a custom field, and set up a transaction processor.
  2. Learn how to search for and create constituents. Edit profiles. Import a small batch of constituents.
  3. Enter a gift. Understand pledges and recurring donations.
  4. Review Reports and build a couple examples.
  5. Create a Transaction Letter. Adjust margins to print on pre-printed letterhead and/or insert a logo. Run this letter every Monday.
  6. Create a template for an acknowledgement email. Edit, customize, and set the filters to match the Acknowledgement letter.
  7. Revisit Imports. (Call support before you do your first one!)
  8. Revisit Settings to talk about online giving forms.