Beginner’s Classes

Beginner’s Classes2019-07-25T15:07:30-04:00

We believe that technology should be the least of a fundraiser’s concerns.

Our Beginner’s Class videos are here to ensure your use of Bloomerang is as smooth and straightforward as we designed it to be. Take the first step toward becoming a Bloomerang Wizard!

  • New User Orientation is a 30-minute overview of Bloomerang for new users. Basic functions are explained and demonstrated.
  • Adding and Editing Constituents shows you how to add profile information, households, and relationships to your constituents.
  • Adding and Editing Timeline Information shows you how to enter donations, pledges, in-kind gifts, interactions, and more on the timeline.
  • Creating and Processing Letters shows you how to create, edit, filter and process acknowledgement letters.
  • Creating Emails discusses Email Interests, and shows you how to create, edit, and send, or schedule emails.
  • Basic Reports and Filters goes over how to create and customize templates and how to use Bloomerang filters to fit your needs!
  • Settings goes over how Administrators can create new users, custom fields and many other settings for your Bloomerang database.

Whether you are brand new to Bloomerang, working with a Conversion Project Manager or just need a basic refresher, these videos are for you! Have follow-up questions? Email our Support Team!

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It.

I took the “Creating Letters” session awhile ago, but needed a refresher as we haven’t done thank yous through Bloomerang yet. We’re about to start doing thank yous through Bloomerang, so this was an excellent refresher. Thank you!
bloomerang academy classesJanise Gray, Director of Grant Recipient Services, Equestrian Aid Foundation

Dorothy is a well organized instructor who knows her stuff. Concise, well-sequenced class that presented just the right amount of information…no information overload. Thanks so much!

bloomerang academy beginners classesRoy Mueller, Executive Director and Chief Development Officer, Friends of the Children's Museum at La Habra

Definitely need to retake the “Adding and Editing Timeline Information” class as it was filled with so much great information. Dorothy is a great teacher – thank you!

bloomerang academy beginners classesChristine Hockin-Boyd, Executive Director, Garland Area Habitat for Humanity