Meet Rodney Frederick – Senior Account Executive at Bloomerang

Immediately before joining Bloomerang, Rodney worked for Starfish Initiative for 6 years. As Chief Program Officer he helped double the number of program participants while reducing annual programming costs by 32%.

Rodney enjoys helping organizations grow through more effective resource use and leadership coaching. Not a “lightbulb” guy, he thrives in leading others to align their action steps to their own strategic goals. At Bloomerang he enjoys helping nonprofits multiply their community impact through software that focuses on proven fundraising strategies – donor engagement and retention.

Rodney and his wife Vanessa try to keep up with their young, growing family. They both serve in various ministries at their local church, and Rodney enjoys being a washed-up athlete, mostly through basketball and golf. Hailing from Farmersburg, IN, Rodney also enjoys getting out into the countryside to fight off his deepening city-slicker lifestyle.

Rodney holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion from Wabash College.


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