Meet Nadia Leeman – Conversion Project Manager at Bloomerang

Prior to joining the Bloomerang team, Nadia worked with children at the Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township for two years before stepping into a customer service role with Lawrence Utilities. Nadia’s heart and soul is geared toward helping others and contributing to their lives in positive ways. As luck would have it, the Conversion Project Manager role at Bloomerang became a great way to contribute to others while putting to use her customer service and people skills. 

Now as a Conversion Project Manager with Bloomerang, Nadia puts her customer service experience to good use by aiding new customers and setting them on the path to success with Bloomerang. She ensures that our nonprofit customers start off on the right foot to help increase their impact and further their mission. In her free time, Nadia enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, as well as her furry creatures, Shiloh and Frankenstein.

Nadia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis. Her degree was issued from Purdue University.




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