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Meet John Williams – Customer Support Specialist at Bloomerang

Before joining Bloomerang, John moved around… a lot. He was a former English teacher — among other roles — and spent years traveling and moving around from place to place. As you can imagine, John was excited to find a role with Bloomerang where he could put down some roots and get to know a place for longer than a year.   

Now as a Customer Support Specialist with Bloomerang, John enjoys assisting nonprofits with database-related questions, and walking them through solutions in a friendly, professional, and consultative manner. He ensures that our nonprofit customers are using their data and the Bloomerang database in a way that will help them increase their mission’s impact. 

In his free time, John is a fan of watching the high-flying athletics, over-the-top gimmicks, typically awkward promos, and inevitable whoopsies of professional wrestling. Luna Lovegood is his spirit animal, he hates sand and glitter for similar reasons, and he loves spending time with his cat, Isley.


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