Meet David Martin – Senior Account Executive at Bloomerang

Before joining Bloomerang, Dave worked as an Account Executive at Apple, a Contract Manager at Dish Network, and a Senior Programming Specialist at Sling TV. Not only has he built up his professional career over the years, but he’s also gained his certification as a personal trainer, a master’s degree in finance, and spent time volunteering on the Young Professional Advisory Council for The Adoption Exchange, a child welfare organization. 

Now as a Senior Account Executive with Bloomerang, Dave enjoys helping nonprofits utilize new software to increase their effectiveness and knowledge of fundraising best practices. In his free time, he enjoys CrossFit with his wife, re-watching The Office, running with his rescue dogs, and making music. 

Dave holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theology from Biola University, and a Master’s degree in Finance from Colorado State University. 


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