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Meet Ben Traub – Account Associate at Bloomerang

Ben has been in sales and the nonprofit world for almost 20 years, and has joined the Bloomerang team with an eclectic background. Prior to Bloomerang, Ben worked in various sales and marketing roles with HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, and MacExperience. On the nonprofit side, he was Founding Manager of the Community Ambassador Program for WFYI and helped lead a tele-resource team for Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. Ben has served as Chair for the Motus Dance Company and is a committee member for the planning and execution of Tonic Ball here in Indianapolis.

Now as an Account Associate with Bloomerang, he enjoys helping small nonprofits utilize new software to help fulfil their missions and positively affect the lives of the people they serve. In his free time Ben hits the drums in a punk/indie bands, makes shapes on paper and calls it Art, loves to travel with his family, and still plans on getting through that growing pile of books and movies, someday.

Ben holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Printmaking from Herron School of Art & Design.


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