What to Expect When You’re Expecting Bloomerang

                                                                               Your Road Map to the Best Decision


Exploring Your Needs and Our Solution Together


3 Steps to Guarantee Success with Bloomerang


What makes your organization function?

  • Approximate Time: 45 – 60 minutes
  • Medium: Phone call
  • Goal: Educate us about you and your mission, and then learn how Bloomerang can help you.
  • How do we achieve this goal?

Have a casual and frank conversation about your organization and what will help you do your job more effectively and efficiently.

  • Preparation questions:
    • Educate us about your mission and the vision of your organization
    • Understand your organization’s current pain points — why make a switch? We’ll look at things like your number of donors, current system, average gift size, donor retention rate, database cost range, etc.
  • Expectations: You and your savvy Bloomerang sales rep decide together if Bloomerang is right for your organization. If the answer is yes, you’ll move on to the next step.

A unique solution with unique benefits for you

  • Approximate Time: 30 minutes
  • Medium: Screen share and phone call
  • Goal: Agree on your organization’s most important CRM needs and determine if and how Bloomerang can help you meet those needs.
  • How do we achieve this goal?

An in-depth conversation that answers these 3 key questions:

    • How will Bloomerang’s focus and features meet my organization’s specific needs?
    • Can I expect Bloomerang to pay for itself through increased donor retention?
    • What will be our total first-year investment?
  • Expectations: You and your sales rep decide together if Bloomerang is still a good fit for your organization. If yes, you’ll move on to the customized demo stage.

Make a decision, start healing your pains

  • Approximate Time: 60 minutes
  • Medium: Screen share and phone call
  • Goal: To demonstrate to all decision-makers how Bloomerang can solve your current CRM problems and pain points.
  • How do we achieve this goal?

Create and walk-through a customized live demonstration of Bloomerang based on the pain points discussed in the Needs Analysis and the proposed solution agreed upon in the Proposal Review. This will ensure that you have the information you need to make an informed decision.

  • Expectations: Determine at the end of the demonstration if Bloomerang is the best fit for your organization and if you’d like to move forward with us.

Why This All Matters

  1. The above method helps you make informed decisions based upon your most important objectives, NOT on solutions that look nice but do not meet your main objectives.
  2. We want long-term, happy customers.  It’s our job to find happy customers just as much as it is to find those who won’t be!
  3. This transparency on both sides encourages genuine conversation, truly-informed decisions, and, let’s be honest, it’s more fun!

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