Custom data conversions from Bloomerang

With custom data conversions from Bloomerang, changing databases doesn’t have to be a scary process.

The goal of Bloomerang’s conversions team is to make the process as painless as possible, while at the same time taking great care with your data in order to set you up for success in using Bloomerang.

Not only has our expert team of dedicated Conversion Project Managers and Conversion Programmers seen just about every data situation you can imagine, but many have themselves worked as fundraisers and database admins for nonprofits.

They know the pain of having bad data.

That’s why we won’t just spend an hour cramming your data in and wish you good luck. We’re here to help you succeed.

“The experience wasn’t what I was expecting at all! I assumed it would take much longer than it did. I was extremely satisfied with the outcome of the conversion process.”

– Thomas Benoist, The Cabaret

Why choose a custom conversion

Custom conversions are where we make the magic happen. We start with whatever you have to give us and work with you to make sense of it all, to clean it up, and to get it into Bloomerang in a way that supports your fundraising goals.

Not to mention the incredible data consultation you get through the personal support of your Custom Conversion Project Manager. That’s right. You’ll have a name, an email address, a phone number to call whenever you have a question throughout the entire process.

What do you get from this process?

In a nutshell, here’s what you get with a Bloomerang Custom Conversion:

Conversion Project Manager
  • We pair you with a dedicated Conversion Project Manager for the entire process.
  • Your project manager holds calls as needed to keep everyone updated on the process and to review all aspects of the conversion timeline.
  • You get out of your conversion what you put into it, but you’ll have a champion on our end.
Data Clean-Up
  • Your project manager goes through a deep-dive of your entire database and analyzes your data for structure, consistency, and potential areas for clean up.
  • Your project manager will provide “clean-up sheets” that give you the ability to make decisions on how to best cleanup the data.
  • We can help split fields that have been used for multiple purposes or combine others that are tracking the same thing.
  • If you have long lists of appeal codes or fund names that need some help, we can provide simple ways to clean those up and make sure your gift coding is correct.
Training & Consultation
  • Your project manager will consult with you on fundraising and data management planning, the results of your data analysis and how to structure your data, and best practices for Bloomerang data management utilization.
  • You’ll also have access to free Bloomerang Academy webinars.

“I was actually expecting pain and agony for this conversion – I’ve done a number of migrations to other platforms and I truly expected it to be much worse than it was! Our Project Manager made it the easiest possible migration ever.”

– Lily Meyer, American Friends of Beit Issie Shapiro

Read more about Lily’s experience with our conversion process here.

Meet the team

Jenny Walton

Jenny WaltonDirector of Implementation

Kasey Schwartz

Kasey SchwartzSenior Data Migration Specialist

Dorothy McIver

Dorothy McIverConversion Project Manager

Michael Leaming

Michael LeamingImplementation Manager

Stacey Havlin

Stacey HavlinLead Implementation Engineer

Allison Bradshaw

Allison BradshawSenior Project Manager

Laura Solano

Laura SolanoData Migration Specialist

Erin Jeter

Erin JeterConversion Project Manager

Brandon Schaaf

Brandon SchaafSenior Project Manager

Griffin Tennent Implementation Engineer

Janise GrayConversion Project Manager

Diana CoxConversion Project Manager

Nadia LeemanConversion Project Manager

Sara RasnickConversion Project Manager

John Biechele-SpezialeImplementation Engineer

Jake McWilliamsImplementation Engineer

Whitney TurientineConversion Project Manager

“Can’t think of anything that would’ve made this process better. We are very happy with our conversion to Bloomerang.”

– Johannah Ruddy, Albuquerque Rescue Mission

How is a custom conversion different than other conversion types you offer?

There are three ways to get your data into Bloomerang: Custom Conversions, Basic Conversions, and Self-Imports.

ServiceWork Done
by Bloomerang
Work Done by YouData Converted
Data Consulting
CustomWe do almost everything.A little.Everything.Heavy data analysis with filtering/cleaning +
fundraising and data management planning +
training on best practices for Bloomerang data
management utilization
BasicWe help you out.A fair amount.All your constituent information plus transaction OR
interaction information
Light data analysis + 30 minutes of customized
training on your live database + training on best
practices for Bloomerang data management utilization
Self ImportZero.A ton (maybe more than it’s worth).It depends.None.

Over the years we’ve learned what type of initial data entry works best to ensure long-term success for Bloomerang users depending on their unique needs.

That’s why we offer and recommend the custom conversion. It’s more individualized, and our expertise lends itself to a smooth transition of your data onto the Bloomerang platform.